from the top 1/Christmas time is finally here! 2/& 8/ Striking a pose with editor in chef  Ismena Dąbrowska and model Marta Dyks; 3/Favourite winter snack – hot and tasty camembert! 4/ Lazy afternoon at Flamingo & Co restaurant;5/ Say hello to Grand Budapest Hotel! 6/ Ho ho ho – merry christmas from Görlitz! 7/ New nails by Nail Spa are matching my House of April broch PERFECTLY!;D 9/ This is how the Grand Budapest Hotel really looks like 😉 10/ Just entered the fantasy land… Time to do some treasure hunting!  11/ My flying shoes took me to Vino e Cultura restaurant in Görlitz 😉12/ Macademian Girl loves you! ;*** 13/ Amazing Mariusz Przybylski fashion show finale! 14/ Starting a day with vlog recording in the famous Kaufhaus! Stay tuned! 15/ &17/ Feeling the real spirit of Christmas at Görlitz market; 16/ Soft pastels could be as powerful as neon colours! Wearing Sheinside coat, dress & Sabrina Pilewicz bag at the Rober Kupisz fashion show