I always try to bring not only memories but fashion souvenirs as well from my trips! You might remember that after I visited the Chinese Stanley market (more here) my closet has grown bigger in three beautiful kimonos. It’s high time I showed the world the second one of them, in a full composition! ;D In pastel-picturesque Görlitz, surrounded by rows of candy tenements I suddenly felt inspired! I decided that it was high time I messed the idyllic scenery up a bit! I recommend to buckle your seat belts, as we’re transferring straight from the Trans-Siberian Railway to the Orient Express! It’s all because of the main attraction of the outfit, the silk kimono. It’s a real pearl of the Orient! Its fabric shines with a fiery glamour and its golden embroideries refer to the symbolics of the Middle Kingdom. Even Chinese dragons sometimes get cold. So I decided to entwine myself with two patterned scarves and gathered them in the waist with a belt. Such a layer outfit doesn’t have any drawbacks, as it’s a perfect alternative for a spacious coat and looks avant-garde at the same time! I decided to make the accessories more European yet in hot Asian colors. I put on a mustard hat with a pompom and cesarian red tights. A compulsory contrast element is provided by jewelry cold cobalt earrings. Yet a real stick in this electric anthill is provided by the ultramodern geometric platform shoes. If I had stopped after just one deviation from a rule, my name wouldn’t be Macademian Girl! 😉

Coldplay – Princess Of China ft. Rihanna

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wearing: kimono – souvenir from China, scarves & hat – I Am; bag – Aldo; shoes – Finsk; sunglasses – Woody; jewelery (earrings, ring) – By Dziubeka; watch – Storm London; manicure – NAIL SPA