If I could swap closets with anyone in the world, one of the first people I would think of would be (next to Anna Dello Russo or Miroslava Duma), Rachel Zoe. Stars’ stylist, a working mother of two children, and an unquestioned queen of boho-chic. Rachel has been inspiring me for quite some time now! She loves jewelry, wears hippie clothes and has surfer like messy wavy hair. Regardless what she’s wearing, she always looks like a chic professional. No wonder then that her style has thousands of imitators, from Mischa Burton up to selena Gomez. Following the American it-girl’s steps, I decided to give this summer dress a second chance 😉 In an evening edition I wear it solo, and on cool September days – I pull my favorite motorbike suede jacket over my shoulders, or cover myself with a cardigan. My red leather jacket plays colors with the patterns on the trousers! With its shade it refers to fascinating wedges with a short tied upper. One could think that being so extravagant, they already “made” the whole look, but… it would be too simple 😀 In my case they fight with a purse in the shade of marshmallows, lavish jewelry and a bow in my hair. Notice the details: I combined golden, Byzantine earrings with tassels and floral print. Fall in my closet? California and the Orient become neighbors! 😉

IMG_5565B IMG_5387B

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1. DRESS Anna Field | 2. JACKET Bodyflirt | 3. SHOES Anna Field | 4. NECKLACE Accesories
5. RING Joanna Jagoda