I love the fall for the great colors of nature and new seasons of my favorite series. I always watch them wrapped in a blanket, with a mug of tea in my hand. But not with just a tea! 😀 Masala chai is my fave, as it captivates by the combination of Indian seasonings with milk and… inspires to play with fashion ; ) Under its influence I decided to create a look equally warming as a mixture of cardamon and honey. The jacquard pink and orange coat, teamed with the patterned, tied in the waist jumpsuit, is the base. I added an ethnic coat in the color of ripe plums and jewelry “stolen” from Indian princesses. The big ring competes with colorful nails, and the earrings draw the attention by the embellishments. The necklace with Ganesa the God image, the patron of fine arts and business not only brings me luck, but also accelerates the look 😀 Even though I could easily wear wellies in colorful prints with this one, this time I went for solid, leather boots – this is my choice for the upcoming couple of weeks 😉 They’re modern, and just like the dazzling sunnies and the golden watch they keep watch that my outfit doesn’t start looking like a bollywood movie costume. The fall icing on the cake are tights – essential for shorter pieces of clothing. I, of course, prepare violet ones that regular black ones. I never get why people decide to spend half of the year in grey shades, when you can get warmer even by looking at juicy collors 😉

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1. DRESS Buffalo | 2. COAT Bon Prix | 3. BOOTS Anna Field | 4. SCARF Medicine
  5. EARRINGS Aga Galery