Identification marks: a cap and disarming smile that will melt every heart. He used to call himself “clumsy Matty”, but apart from being shy, he always was incredibly strong. Maciek Sieradzky was supposed to be a Railroad guard, but he became a finalist of the first edition of “Project Runway” show. Thank goodness! Dzky company was appreciated by Anja Rubik and thousands of girls, who want to wear nonchalant designs with gold plaits. Although Maciek has earned his success, he is still surprised with all the attention he draws. When he is being interviewed or being surrounded by fans during fashions fairs, he looks down timidly as if he wanted to disappear 🙂 He proves that there are other ways for making a career than pushing and shoving. He is true to himself in both, art and life, and his friendship is a role model for loyalty. I can testify to that! 😀 Maciej Sieradzky is a modern gentleman wearing jeans who is also an inventive, talented designer. His twisted story is already made plot for Hollywood movie, but by the time it is produced, let’s find out what Sieradzky can teach us about life! 🙂



The motivation guides usually encourage you to be courageous, with their cover slogans “Do it!”, “Believe in yourself!”. I also encourage you to get out of line, no matter if it’s about fashion or making your dreams come true. I show you regularly examples of combative stars and I write about the advantages of being visible from far away 😉 I’m the last person who would encourage you to do something against yourself, though! If playing the first fiddle is not you, conquer the world in your own style. Take a look at Maciek Sieradzky: he is a quiet, humble boy, who turned his shyness into his asset. He may not be a social butterfly, but he can always make his friends laugh. He amazes people with his honesty and humbleness, and his bashfulness only adds him charm. The fact that he’d rather keep in the background doesn’t stop him from being successful in his company. While many other people would do everything to be famous, Maciek is the one who turned out to be one of the most popular stars in Poland. Tomasz Ossoliński, fashion designer and a mentor in “Project Runway” show once said: “If Maciek wanted to be someone that he is not, everyone would spot it immediately”. Hit and sunk! This is another proof for the fact that being true to yourself is important and at the end of the day the truth sells better than slogans from adverts.


Would Maciek really become a Railroad guard if he didn’t participate in the TVN show? Who knows, life writes various scenarios 😀  Fortunately, we don’t have to wonder “what would happen, if”, because in 2014 Sieradzky decided to send his application for the first edition of “Project Runway”, Polish reality show for designers. Earlier likable and a little out of touch with reality Maciek had studied model manufacture at the polytechnic institute, and then at the International Clothes Design School. For a long time he couldn’t find his place, but, of course, he was constantly thinking about fashion. Although he knew that his mom’s friends will laugh when they hear that “Matty is designing dresses”, he was also also aware of the truth expressed in the belief – “no risk, no champagne drinking” 😉  Instead of complaining about his life and imagining a distant, impossible to reach career, he applied for the show. He didn’t have so much experience as others, but he managed to become one of 13 contestants and he was placed second. He was called an “unofficial winner” by many people, he recently opened a new boutique on Małachowski Square in Warsaw. His designs were worn by Edyta Górniak, Ramona Rey, Ewa Władymiruk, the model. If you’re also dreaming about successes, do everything so that the world would hear about you. It doesn’t matter if you are a graphic designer or a PhD student in chemistry, look for contests in the Internet and watch out for the dates. Take part in festivals and send your applications for the shows. Maybe you won’t get in most of them, but one of them will be a window to your carrier, just like in Maciek’s case 🙂  I have my fingers’ crossed for all the contestants in design contests and I follow the carrier of those, who started it from the contests. In this year I’ll be a judge in Fashion Design Awards contest. I think that everyone who tries, is already a winner – Maciek would definitely agree on that 🙂


Look how many people that achieved success are associated with certain style. You will recognize Iris Apfel from a distance because of his characteristic glasses, Steve Jobs by his polo neck and classic Levi’s jeans, Anna Wintour by her invariable hairstyle. This kind of consistency is especially important in times, when trends are changing every month It’s not all about the clothes, though. The clients are devoted to Apple company, because they like its consistency and they read American Vogue, because a consistent look of editor-in-chief makes the magazine look credible. Fashion houses also know about this – each of them has DNA brands that it is associated with. For example, Michael Kors creates an elegant, urban fashion, J.W Anderson designs avant-guarde clothes for trendsetters. Maciej Sieradzky is known for his.. plaits and cutouts. Dresses that look like spiderwebs (a love from the first sight of Anja Rubik) and metallic, texture pockets are recognizable from a distance. What is a true success? If someone sees a cutwork backpack-sack or a bumbag and shouts „it’s dzky.!”. Maciek is experimenting with new ideas every season, but he always incorporates his biggest hits. You don’t have to be a fashion designer to learn a lesson. It doesn’t matter what you do, don’t refrain from coming back to your favorite motivation and don’t worry about people accusing you of repeating yourself. Create your identification mark out of it! There is nothing wrong with cooking the same, good dishes or writing 5 stories about the same topic 🙂  If you found something that you are confident about, for example a sport activity, perfect cut of a dress or favorite taste of ice creams – go for it! I keep repeating how much I like colors and chic of gold age of Hollywood, guilty as charged 😀



Cross my heart, I can say: loyal and supporting Maciek Sieradzky is a perfect material for a friend. When I’m with him, I can take of my stilletos and and watch TV in my pyjama 🙂  He is really funny and intelligent, that’s why he can make me feel better even if I’m in a bad mood. This kind of relationship is really worthy – we spent together a month while filming „Agent – the Stars” show. I realized that I can count on him not only in Warsaw: he kept his finger’s crossedfor me, when I was bungee jumping and he didn’t ask “why do you need these earrings?” when we were running in Jokannesburg while looking for treasures. When he was leaving a show in the 5th episode, he just said: “I know that you didn’t take all those things to come back to Poland too soon. You have to stay in the show as long as possible!” Maciek doesn’t seem to be surprised, he just UNDERSTANDS and that’s why I love him 😀  He is happy about his carrier success and popularity, but he never forgets that he should be grateful for what he got from life. You can feel this humbleness – he never pretends to be a big wheel and he’s not concentrated on himself. You should follow his footsteps and take care of your advantages. You should listen carefully, when someone is talking to you, always answer the phone from a friend in need and sometimes just… be understanding about other people’s oddity 😉  Karma comes back – a good friend will never leave you on your own, no matter what!



Maciek’s life turned upside down in one month: he moved from Łódz, where he used to live with his mother, he opened a boutique in the centre of Warsaw and all of a sudden he found himself in the limelight of gossip magazines. I know from my experience, that it’s a nerve wrecking experience 😉  He found a great way for dealing with stress… He just makes jokes about everything and talks about his emotions. He said it himself that he’s clumsy, but it takes courage to admit that you had a panic attack 😉  Before he opened his first boutique he was joking publicly about the fact that he doesn’t have anything to wear, because his two shirts are covered with cat’s fur. In one of his interviews he admitted that if it wasn’t for his mom, he would still be in high school, trying to pass maths 🙂  In the „Agent – the Stars” show, which you can watch on TV and on he admitted in front of cameras that he was most stressed about the tasks that we had to complete in a group, because he cannot be as loud and combative as Tomek Oświeciński. Well, if you’d also like to overcome your weaknesses, name them and fight them! It’sa great Maciek’s method: you are afraid? Admit it! If you feel uncomfortable at a party, say it out loud. Some people may look at you in a bad way, but there will be someone who will find a soulmate in you and will come to talk to you- after all it takes lots of courage to say what you think 🙂