Everyone, including The Beach Boys and Snoop Dog love girls from California. No wonder – they embody ease, fun and spontaneous run for your dreams. Unfortunately, only a few people are lucky enough to party on a West Coast with crazy Californian girls – for the rest of us inspiration with their non-pretentious style has to be enough 🙂 In today’s look I decided to mix a few elements characteristic for it. I combined a short skirt in a girly shade of pink with a floral top, whose pattern looks as if it was blurred blurred by a pacific breeze. I added golden chains to my hair (loose, of course!). I already wrote HERE that Nicole Richie, California Girl, loves this kind of jewelry. On a hot Malibu beach it would be enough to have a cocktail in your hand and a smile on your face, in the Polish climate this stylization needs to be complemented by a coat 😉 I thought that a cinnamon slim-fit  jacket would be an excellent choice. It makes your body look slimmer and when it’s cold, it can fit under a warm trench coat. It’s good to invest in ashen, classical stilettos during spring if you’re already bored with their nude version that is endorsed by Kim Kardashian. Relax, they make your legs look longer just fine! 🙂 Lennon glasses are an inseparable accessory of every Californian girl that respects herself and an opalescent gold clutch purse is a timeless must-have in a closet of a noble lady. Gilded jewelry is contrasting with a bright, natural makeup. No holds barred, California is a state of mind! 😀

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