Did you know that the story of tea started over 3 thousand years BC, when a tea leaf fell into Shen Nung emperor’s cup? It’s hard to say whether that really happened or not. There is a grain of truth in every legend, but one thing is for real, though – a thousand years ago the Chinese invented a drink, which pro-health properties have no equal up to now. I usually grab a coffee when I’m in a rush, and when I’m between meetings. Drinking tea, on the other hand, is like entering another dimension – a magical ritual that always calms me down efficiently and gives me my positive attitude for the whole day! 😉 When I sit in front of the computer to work, a cup of this golden fluid helps me focus on my work better than the strongest espresso. When I have my 15 minutes for a “Homemade Beauty” mask, I also like to… sip tea. I really love it with a drop of honey and milk – yummy! 😀 That’s why I’m even more happy to show you how I make my tea cosmetics, and invite you to take part in the “Jeloł! Pisz&Love” Lipton contest. I’ll explain the details in a while! 😉

The Chinese say: „Drink the golden fluid, to forget the rush of the contemporary world”. In order to look beautiful – make tea cosmetics.

Drukowanie Drukowanie

Tea contains theine, a stimulating substance, minerals, and vitamins, but also big dose of polyphenol (compounds that delay the process of aging and neutralize free radicals). Tea brew prevents arterial disease, heart attack, lowers the cholesterol level, makes you more concentrated, and boosts your mood. Depending on its kind, it can also stimulate the weight loss process (the red Pu-erth tea) and have anti-cancer properties (green tea). Tea has also priceless properties when it comes to cosmetics: anti aging and anti acne (slows down the hyperactivity of sweat glands) and moisturizing. It refreshes, tones up, holds down the greasing of your hair, and prevents dandruff. Tea extract is (quite right) an ingredient of many drugstore cosmetics – face gels and shampoos. Why to spend money on expensive goods, while we can create efficient and simple tea cosmetics at home? If you don’t know where to start from, check out my favorite recipes foe masks and tonics!



It’s good to include tea cosmetics into everyday care for skin with imperfections. Tea extract tones up, eases imperfections, and doesn’t dry the skin out at all. I highly recommend a black tea and yeast mask. Yeast have been a mean to fight acne used by many generations. We all know how acute it might be 😉 On the other hand, oats added to the mixture contain numerous amino acids that stimulate the production of collagen, and delicately flake off the skin.


  • 1 spoon of black leaf tea. Lipton Yellow Label
  • 1 spoon of regular yeast
  • 1 spoon of oats


Pour boiling water on the tea, and brew under a cover for 10-15 minutes. Sieve. Add the yeast and oats. Apply on your face for 15 minutes, and wash off with warm water. You can also massage your skin – the oats will work as a delicate peeling. I admit that first I didn’t like the scent of that mix that much (oh, the yeast!), but it didn’t take me long to get used to it. After all, once can do everything in order to achieve spectacular outcomes 😉

Drukowanie Drukowanie


Besides its pro-health and beautifying properties, tea can also stimulate creativity and inspire 😉 If you get the best ideas always when you have a mask on your face, combine the fun with the useful! 😀 Take part in the Pisz&Love contest organized by Lipton: All you need to do is come up with an optimistic slogan, and upload it on PiszandLove.pl. That’s where you can seek inspiration and vote for the most positive slogans. Mine is: “Smile! It’s never passe!” 😉 100 best quotes will be placed on Lipton tea labels, and the authors of 5000 best will be given thermal cups! Get down to it, dears!



Green tea, drank regularly and applied externally prevents skin cancer caused by UV rays. Green tea cosmetics moisturize, highlight, and give sparkle to your complexion. They delay “after-sun” wrinkles and discolorations, have antibacterial action, and prevent inflammations. I applied green tea mask after coming back from South Africa, in order to improve the condition of my skin, tired by high temperatures. Tea combined with soothing milk and flour (it can also be potato flour) and smoothed my dry skin. I’ll try to apply it as an irritation remedy after acid therapy.


  • 1 of green leaf tea, Lipton, for example
  • 3 spoons of 3,2% milk
  • 4-5 spoons of flour


Use a mortar, or just crumble it thoroughly, using a spoon, for example. Add milk and flour. Mix. If it’s too runny, add more flour. Put it on your face for 15 minutes, and wash off carefully with your favorite gel.

Drukowanie Drukowanie


I already wrote a long time ago in „Homemade Beauty” how much I love green tea tonic 😉 I also sometimes take black tea for my home little alchemist’s workshop. There’s nothing more simple: you just need to combine the infusion with lemon juice to create an efficient moisturizing and cleansing mixture, or add a pansy brew, which prevents imperfections. I use it like every other tonic – apply on my face after having cleaned my face with OCM method, or just to refresh during the day, if I don’t have to wear make-up. Remember that tea tonics can be kept in the fridge for 4 days maximum!