Your closet isn’t only about fashion. The clothes that you wear influence the way you’re perceived by the world and shape your attitude towards life. Copying others, you’ll never be able to awaken creativity in yourself, and if you never do that, there’s no way for you to achieve any professional success, nor a style icon title. Time to show some bravery! How to do that? Let me demonstrate on one of the most popular autumn sets: a biker jacket, a blouse, and tight pants. A biker jacket, worn also by Kristen Stewart, Alexa Chung, or Kendall Jenner, in my edition is patterned and multicolorful. Instead of a cotton T-shirt I went for a blue hairy mohair Cookie Monster like sweater 😀 Instead of skinny jeans (let the rest of the street wear those, we want to stand out! ) – amaranthine cigarette pants. The icing on the look? The stilettos referring to the print on my jacket. Well, there’s not that many items in this look, and it’s still hard to take your eyes off it 😉 Well, I don’t see the reason why autumn should be grey and boring! 🙂 Especially that wearing such an outfit, you don’t have to go home after leaving the office – you’re all ready to go to a party! After 5 pm don’t forget to add some glamorous accessories like metallic sunnies or some fancy headpieces.

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