Can you imagine that sometimes, especially in fall I also have those days when I don’t feel like dressing up too much? 😉 I know that putting on a huge black sweater and sweatpants won’t make me feel better at all 😉 Casual elegance is with a big dose of energetic color is the best solution here. This look is a great example: the blue quilted jacket is warm, comfy, and looks great with a suntan (find out HERE how to stay tanned after summer), and the comfy Persian patterned pants will surely help me face all the October challenges. I didn’t choose them by accident, because I’d much rather stay at home under a blanket, and their style refers to the trend for pajamas! 😉 Such clothes have appeared, among others, on Alberta Ferreti, Etro, and Celine catwalks. To make the look a bit more serious, I wore low cone heel shoes. Despite appearances, they’re as practical as sneakers, and way more stylish at the same time. The sound of the heels alone is enough to feel the positive energy grow inside of us! 😀 I completed the look with a… girly headband! Take a look HERE to find out which hairstyles it matches most.

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1. PANTS bpc | 2. BLOUSE Body Flirt | 3. JACKET Vila
4. STILETTOS Even&Odd | 5. EARRINGS Miss Glow | 6. HEADBAND Flovers | 7. RING Cloe