What do you complain most often about in winter? About having to wear many layers of thick clothes. You don’t like to wear jackets, coats, and sweaters 😉 It‘s difficult to team them in a way that it looks chic, they make it hard to move, drive, and you get hot while you’re shopping. I think you know what I’m talking about, right? 😉 I home that the today’s post will get you inspired about the way one can wear layered clothing. It provides many fashion possibilities, and, above all, is… totally practical! Read on to check out my 5 checked tips and the combinations to make use of them!

P.S. Maybe you also have some of your own tricks? Let me know in the comments! 😉


It’s an option for those of you who feel good in calm outfits. All the items match, coexist, and there’s total harmony. It’s good to make sure the textures of the fabrics are unusual (woven sweaters, embossed patterns) as they’ll make everything seem more interesting. Make sure you’ve done a seasonal color analysis so that you know which color to invest in. If you’re a blond, you’ll look good in blue and violet, if you’re a brunette, go for red and pink, if you’re a red-head – brown and orange. Try to make sure you use both the darkest as well as the lightest shades of a given color. Wear a blue shirt, a cobalt vest (better than a jacket as there’s no additional layer – sleeves), a navy coat. If the shades are too similar, it’ll all look „flat“ and boring. Jewelry can bet he highlighting touch – take a look at my collage. It’s all about the top of the outfit. Your pants or your skirt can be in a different color. Well, unless you like a total look, of which Hillary Clinton is a fan as well 😉


1. SHIRT GAP | 2. SWEATER bonprix | 3. COAT bonprix | 4. SCARF Coccinelle | 5. EARRINGS Sweet Deluxe | 6. NECKLACE by Milla | 7. PANTS bonprix | 8. PURSE Even&Odd | 9. STILETTOS Lost Ink
10. BELT bonprix


Let’s go a bit further this time. I wrote more about color blocking HERE. The whole trick is about combining colors that seemingly don’t go together at all. One strong color lands next to another, which is equally strong. It can be, for example, fuchsia-red-orange, or cobalt-mustard-maroon. You can dress like that from your head to toes, or only wear such a top. It’s a perfect way to draw attention away from your flaws. A colorful top will make everyone notice your legs, skipping the wide shoulders or a bigger belly, and the other way round: a colorful top will make everyone notice your neck, bust and waist and will tactfully leave some additional pounds on your belly and thighs 😉 Both brunettes and blondes look great is such outfits, though blondes should make sure to wear a matching make-up. Check out my eyeliner tutorial that will surely let you charm everyone HERE.


1. BLOUSE Dorothy Perkins | 2. VEST Cameo Collective | 3. COAT Benetton | 4. SCARF Max&Co
5. EARRINGS Miss Glow | 6. BRACELETS Lili in the Garden | 7. NECKLACE Cloe | 8. PANTS Dorothy Perkins | 9. PURSE Micheal Kors | 10. WATCH Neff | 11. BOOTS French Connection


If you like yourself accompanied by patterns (stripes, florals, polka dots), layered clothes are a perfect way to express yourself. Above all, bear in mind the most important rule: horizontal and big patterns make you look bigger, vertical and small patterns – make you look slimmer. Think about your goal, what you want to make bigger, what slimmer, and only then build your outfits 😉 If you’re an A, or close to an A, wear a plain blouse (a re done, for example) and a nautical style horizontal striped jacket on it. Choosing jewelry, „borrow“ one color from your outfit (red, for example) and place it on your earrings or your necklace. When you want to accentuate your beautiful legs and make the top of your body look slimmer, wear floral pants, checked shoes and a plain top (a pink one, for example), a navy cardigan and a maroon scarf. Don’t be scared to combine two or three patterned items. Make sure you stick to the specific „code of colors“ (each of the patterns should feature the same color scheme). For example: a grey-green check shirt, a red-green striped sweater and a black coat with red polka dots. The green accents can be of many shades, it’ll look more interesting 😉


1. DRESS Tom Tailor | 2. JACKET Wallis | 3. CARDIGAN Dorothy Perkins | 4. SCARF ICHI 
5. COAT King Louie | 6. EARRINGSDyberg & Kern | 7. BRACELET Altra Dea Couture
8. RINGS Selected Femme | 9. PANTS Mint&Berry | 10. PURSE Anna Field | 11. BOOTS Anna Field  12. BELT Castaluna | 13. WATCH Fossil


And I’m not talking about teaming wool with cotton or flannel with knitwear 😉 Take a step further, reach for the extreme. Wear a faux fur vest on a silk blouse, or… on a down jacket 😉 Let the fabrics be completely different, make sure one of them seems to be cold and unpleasant against the skin, and the other warm and cozy. Or one of them can be for the day (a jeans shirt and the other for the evening (a jacket encrusted with sequins)! It’s a great method in case you have a long day ahead of you and plan to spend it both in the office as well as out in the city. A delicate blouse and elegant pants are totally suitable for work, you can team them with a jacket while you’re on a meeting, and then you can put your woolen coat on, and a faux fur vest on the coat. You can take it off on the bus i fit gets to hot. I’m sure that your friends will be all like: „OMG, I would have never thought of that“ 😀


1. BLOUSE Dorothy Perkins | 2. JACKET Smash | 3. VEST Some days lovin | 4. PANTS YAS
5. CLUTCH Aldo | 6. BELT Vanzetti | 7. BOOTS River Island | 8. CHOKER Cloe
9. EARRINGS Sweet Deluxe 


Someone once said: „don’t follow trends, create them!“. And there’s something to it. If we keep getting ideas from someone else all he time, we’ll never develop our own style. Do you really want to spend your whole life in a T-shirt, a cotton shirt and a black woolen vest? 😉 Get unpredictable and go for a lacy top, and wear a thick mint woolen sweater instead of a jacket? And attach a big shiny brooch to it! 😉 You can decorate a regular down jacket and a scarf with a yellow belt that will make your body look more feminine and the look more interesting. Do you think that a classic down jacket and a felt wide brimmed hat don’t go together at all? Check this one: Wrap a huge colorful headscarf or a boho scarf over your down jacket, wear big rings as earrings, and wear thigh boots. How does it feel? If we put it that way, isn’t the felt hat just needed? 😀 Don’t be scared to risk, break the rules. A few years ago everyone though it was crazy to build furniture out of pallets, and today you can find them in every second apartment. Keep your eyes open, you never know when you start a new trend 😉


1. DRESS Anna Field | 2. SWEATER New Look | 3. HAT Trussardi Jeans | 4. JACKET Sparkz
5. SCARF Only | 6. BOOTS Mai Piu Senza | 7. PURSE Jennyfer | 8. BRACELETS Top Shop
9. NECKLACE Pieces | 10. EARRINGS Pilgrim | 11. TIGHTS Falke