Cold and raw the north wind does blow,
Bleak in the morning early;
All the hills are covered with snow,
And winter’s now come fairly.

Mother nature, isn’t it a bit boring? You could surprise us from time to time and warm us during the cold November nights! But… you know what? I’d totally miss fluffy earmuffs, tippets, colorful woollen coats, and, of course, red cheeks, the scent of frosty air and magical silence, which takes over the world when it’s snowing. Just like our grandmothers say: THERE’S NO BAD WEATHER, THERE ARE ONLY BAD CLOTHES! Our feet and out head absorb the most of the cold, that’s why it’s important what we wear on them 😉 Read a bit about shoes here below.



A. Make sure your shoes match your way of living and the place you live in. If you live in the city, drive a car, or it takes you just a couple of minutes to get to work, you don’t have to restrain yourself. All you need to do is choose your shoes according to the shape of your legs and your body type (take my Which Body Type Are You? Quiz here) and current trends or just choose the trends that you like. It all gets difficult when you live in the country or just commute to work or school and spend a lot of time on the bus stops. Your shoes should be, above all, warm (see the next paragraph). You have to take into account that pavements are very often slippery. Go for secure soles. Make sure you pay attention to the spot in which the sole is combined with the upper. It can be either glued, sewn, or, best of all, it can be good year welted, which looks like THIS. The better the combination is, the drier your foot will stay. Make sure your toes can move freely, even if you’re wearing warm socks.

B. Take care of thermic isolation. Regardless if you choose manmade textile shoes or leather it’s good to get warm insoles that’ll protect your feet from the ground. Felt, coconut wool or wearing insoles that work for about 6 hours will be great in that role. When it’s raining, go for warming insoles, like THESE here, or thermic socks.

C. Protect them. Right after you’ve purchased your shoes, impregnate them. Get a universal spray like THIS one that is also good for purses (they also need some protection 😉 ). They won’t be getting that dirty and wet. Full grain leather should be greased and polished. When your shoes get wet, don’t dry them next to the radiator. Put newspapers inside and leave them in room temperature. Make sure you remove salt from your shoes right after you’ve come back home. Use a piece of a wet cloth or vinegar. If you don’t do it, the salt might cause permanent destruction.

D. And, most importantly, choose the shoes according to the shape of your legs – make sure you look like a million dollars 😉 And HOW TO DO THAT? It all depends on the kind of legs you have.


If you like your legs, they’re long, and your calves are beautiful, you’re probably an O or an H, and you surely want the shoes to draw attention to them. Invest in patterns and colors. Make sure the winter is highlighted by amazing pink, violet and green. Even if you wear colors with a dark coat or classic pants, they’ll look amazing. Leopard prints, snake leather and all kinds of prints are highly appreciated 😉 Don’t be scared of patent leather in intense shades of silver, gold, and even psychedelic pink! Try not to make your legs look wider – decorative uppers are OK (with frills, for example), but make sure they don’t fit your calf. Lace-up boots perfectly accentuate slim calves and will look great both with skirts, as well as with pants.

1. BOOTS Top Shop | 2. BOOTSTop Shop | 3. BOOTS Top Shop | 4. BOOTS River Island | 5. BOOTS Hirschkogel
6. BOOTS bpc | 7. BOOTS Minnetonka | 8. BOOTS Vince Camuto


If you’re an I, a Y, you have slim legs, just as, for example, Alexa Chung, despite being the lucky one, you very often have a problem in stores. Especially when you try to get boots. All the uppers are too loose, which only makes you look too slim. What should you do then? Don’t get fixated on boots. You can go for short boots decorated around the ankles, or just plain classic models but team them with tube socks or over the knees. If you CAN’T LIVE without boots, look for models with lace-up uppers that can be adjusted to the size of your leg. Make sure you always have nice gaiters around. Teamed with pegs, they’ll make a perfect casual couple. If you go for, for example, for pink floral pants – you’ll not only make yourself look a bit bigger, but also very original. Go for narrow heels and round toecaps, so that they don’t make your foot look too big.


1. BOOTS Kennel and Schmenger | 2. BOOTS Minnetonka | 3. BOOTS Nunc by Dominika Nowak
4. BOOTS Rita Krzysiek | 5. GAITERS Fejkel | 6. BOOTS Steve Madden | 7. BOOTS Mai Piu Senza 
  8. BOOTS Pierre Balmain 


Bigger calves are an often problem of girls who are As and Hs (yes, Hs can have either slim or bigger legs). If you want to look sexy, wear over the knee boots. It’s a total must have of the season. They’ll cover the calves and draw attention away from the problem. If it’s hard for you to find a model that won’t have a too tight upper, try lace-up shoes. You should make friends with platform shoes and boots that finish right above the ankle (wear them with pants). They’ll beautifully „discipline“ and make it look slimmer, and the calves will be covered by pantlegs.


1.BOOTS Baldowski | 2. BOOTS Gardenia | 3. BOOTSI Top Shop | 4. BOOTS Lea Foscati 5. BOOTS Peter Kaiser | 6. BOOTS Cafenoir | 7. BOOTS Dorothy Perkins 8. BOOTS bonprix


It’s definitely typical of women who are an A or an X. You’ve got great curves, just like J Lo, and you should accentuate them, making sure you’re not making yourself look bigger. Ankle boots and gaiters in saturated colors (as well as patterned ones) – will draw attention to them-selves and noone will notice the few extra centimeters around your hips 😉 Your body type loves dresses and skirts, which love boots. Wear them, but remember that they need to have big heels, or platforms, or wedges. A thin heel will make the difference between the top and the bottom of your leg look grotesque. Jackboots have been created especially for you (they look totally amazing with gauzy dresses). If you’re not into dresses, wear pants with narrow not too tight legs and short ankle boots.


1. BOOTS Top Shop | 2. BOOTS Miss Selfridge | 3. GAITERS Melvin&Hamilton
4.BOOTS Steve Madden | 5. BOOTS Lamica | 6. BOOTS
 Dorothy Perkins | 7. RIDING BOOTS Melvin&Hamilton
8. BOOTS Shoe the Bear | 9. BOOTS Gardenia


You can have short legs regardless of which body type you have, I think I have never seen them only in Is and Ys. It’s a problem of many stars, but luckily, the problem can be easily hidden. Who would have thought that a wonderfully slim Eva Longoria looks like THIS, when she doesn’t pay attention to the kind of shoes she chooses. The main rule? The heels. Wear them as often as you can, as they add a couple of priceless centimeters to your figure. If it’s slippery and you’re scared you might accidentally die during a walk, remember to make sure that your pants or tights are of a similar color. It’ll introduce vertical coloristic lines. And you have to stay vertical 😉 Avoid round toecaps, sharp ones are better for you (make sure you stay sensible ;)). Apply my favorite trick: wear long boots that’ll hide under a dress or a skirt. Your legs will seem to be reaching the sky 😉


1. BOTKI Carinii | 2. BOOTS Anna Field | 3. TIGHTS Falke
4. BOOTS Anna Field | 5. BOOTS Bronx | 6. BOOTS Anna Field | 7. BOOTS French Connection 


Now the problem is 180 degrees different than what we had in the previous paragraph. Many of you must think: „are long legs really such a problem?“ Well, OK. Let’s imagine a tall girl. A Nicole Kidman type of a girl. If she wears a tight dress and stilettos on a heel, she starts look-ing like a stick. I don’t have anything against them, but trust me – tall Is and Ys look way better in flats and diagonal patterns, as they make them seem to have more curves! If you’re also in this privileged group, invest in flat gaiters, ankle boots and pixie boots (like these here or the blue ones on the collage). They can be patterned and the color should differ from the rest of the outfit. Turn the uppers inside out and create layers putting, for example red ankle boots, navy half calf tube socks on, teaming them with orange tights 😉 Don’t be scared of seemingly risky upper lengths, half calf ones, for example – they couldn’t threaten you at all 😉


1. BOOTS Hirschkogel | 2. BOOTS Carinii | 3. BOOTSTamaris | 4. BOOTS bonprix
5. BOOTS Oxitaly | 6. BOOTS French Connection | 7. BOOTS KMB | 8. BOOTS Lola Ramona

Take a look at my casual and work outfits featuring winter shoes.


1. SHIRT Dorothy Perkins | 2. JACKET Dorothy Perkins | 3. PANTS Culture | 4. BOOTS Aldo
5. PURSE LDYC | 6. NECKLACE Miss Selfridge | 7. RINGS Aldo | 8. WATCH Anna Field
9. EARRINGS Konplott


1. DRESS Glamourous | 2. VEST Lipsy | 3. BOOTS Tamaris | 4. PURSE Glamorous 
5. TIGHTS Falke | 6. HAT Trussardi Jeans | 7. BELT bonprix | 8. NECKLACE Miss Glow 
9. EARRINGS Miss Glow

*Dears, I apologize in advance for inconveniences caused by price and stock changes. Please be understanding, get inspired, and look beautiful! 😉