In the fever of Christmas time preparations, make sure you don’t forget to make sure your house smells great. Nothing can create a more magical winter mood! Check out my ways and let me know in the comments, which one is your favorite.

A home that smells good seems… cleaner. And it’s not what I heard in a TV spot, but a trick that’s already been checked by our grandmas 😉 The cozy winter atmosphere can be created by bringing home all kinds of aroma that’s associated with Christmas, like, for example, oranges, gingerbread, carnations, or hot wine with plums 😉 It’ll put everyone in a good mood, and you’ll become the… fairy godmother of your home 😀 Try to avoid artificial spray air fresheners that you can find in stores. Even though at the beginning they might charm you with their sensual scent, they reveal their real „synthetic” face after a while. I’d definitely recommend natural aroma therapeutic candles – their scent hugs you with a warm mist. What other DIY ways to make your home smell good are there? Check them all!


  • Place scented candles around your house. Depending on your options, go for the natural ones that can be adjusted to the interior of your flat. Warm cotton, warming orange, sweet caramel, wide, fig? It immediately gets all cozy! 😉 On top of that, candlelight will highlight the rooms and ease your face line in a romantic way – better than an Instagram filter (great option for a date) 😉 What’s more, some candles have an additional function – they can be used for an aroma therapeutic massage (like THESE here). There are no rules when it comes to using them. If you feel like it, you can light them all up at once (making your own composition) and place them around the whole flat. What’s totally new is that they’re available in boutiques like Petit Trou. A sultry pajama from your favorite designer and a matching scent? I don’t know a better way to make my evening great! 😀
  • Remember the power of natural essential oils. Not only do they smell great, but also possess magical properties. The mint and tea ones will scare bugs away, the citrus one will give you energy, the pine one will help you deal with a winter cold (see how to use it HERE) and the lavender one will ease your nerves. How to use them? You can heat up a mixture of water and oil using tea lights in a special chimney (like THIS one), pour it in an atomizer and use like an air freshener, or even add it to your fabric softener. Be careful not to overdo it! Just a few drops are enough! You can also get them online. Check them HERE.

  • Use ingredients used in traditional Christmas meals – everything that smells great 😉 Place lemon and mandarin skin in a hidden place – on the windowsill between some plants, for example, or put them on an elegant plate and decorate them with nuts, cinnamon cane, or colorful Stones. Place coffee beads in a glass candleholder (like THIS ONE). Put them around the kitchen and enjoy the original deep aroma 😉 You can also use this trick that is very often associated with Christmas: place a few carnations into an orange and put in in a hot oven for a couple of minutes.
  • Prepare your own eco air freshener. All you need to do is mix cold boiled water, a spoon of baking soda, a spoon of lemon juice and a couple of drops of a scented oil and place it in an atomizer 😉
  • Use cane sticks. Instead of getting a ready made product, prepare a nice vase at home, fill it with water, add a few drops of scented oil and place a few cane sticks inside. They’ll absorb the fragrance and delicately spread it around.
  • Make sure your fridge doesn’t smell bad. Sometimes all you need to do is open the fridge, and your mood is immediately spoiled. Above all, think if you store items properly. They shouldn’t touch the walls of the fridge, as it makes it defreeze. Place ham and cheese into special boxes, and make sure vegetables and fruit is stored in the lower part of the fridge. Wash the fridge with warm water with a bit of vinegar (you don’t have to wash it off, it’ll air out ;)). You can put some cat sand into the freezer, it’ll „take out” the bad smell. As I already mentioned, coffee grains and lemon put on a small plate are also a great way to get rid of bad smell. Just make sure to change them regularly!
  • Add a few drops of scented oil to your humidifier. It’s one of these 2 in one solutions that I totally love 😉 Not only will the air stop being dry and you’ll find it easier to breathe, but also your whole house will smell good. You’ll get a humidifier HERE, for example.




  • Make sure your house is clean. Taking the rubbish out and washing the dishes regularly is something obvious, but with the fast pace of everyday life we usually forget the little things that influence the comfort of living and the scent of our flat (see #1 to find out why it’s so important ;). Don’t squeeze your clothes into the wardrobe, give them some space so that they ventilate a bit. Wash your carpets regularly using a special ingredient (you’ll get one HERE, for example.) You can place special capsules into your vacuum cleaner – they’ll ease the smell that might come out of it. Don’t close the bathroom door after you’ve taken a shower – the towels will finally get dry! Remember to wash kitchen cloths. And never leave wet laundry in the washing machine. Both your clothes, as well as the laundry machine will start smelling bad really fast.
  • Open the windows – even in winter! Do it in the morning, when the air is fresh. You’ll refresh the scent at home and motivate yourself to action. Try to leave the room while you ventilate (a couple of minutes are enough), do that you don’t catch a cold. Remember to turn the heaters off! Wash your beddings and blankets often. After all, it’s our natural winter habitat! 😀


3. BEDCOVER MonDu | 4. CARPET MIA Home Fashion

  • Make sure the light’s right. It’s important especially in winter, when it gets dark pretty fast. You’ll never get a cozy atmosphere is you use only ceiling lamps; go for cotton balls – small light bulbs hidden in cotton balls (you’ll get them HERE, for example). You can use the Christmas atmosphere and place Christmas tree lights above your bed (like THESE here), or put a couple of lanterns around your room (like THESE here) that would throw nice shades on the walls. LED letter lights are also a good idea (check them HERE.)
  • Fall in love with Christmas ornaments! Feel like a child once again – invite Christmas to your house by showing that you really can’t wait 😉 All you need is a couple of small things. Change your beddings – go for reindeers (you’ll get it HERE) and hang a Christmas wreath on your door (you can go for THIS modern one) and instead of a regular doormat, go for a funny one (like THIS one, with a snowman). You can go crazy once a year, right? 😀


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