I also like “Home Alone” and cry while watching “Love Actually”, but this time I’m planning to watch the movies that have inspired designers, photographers and style icons all around the world. Especially for you, I investigated the connection between fashion, and… Christmas. Be careful, as you might find some of my suggestions very surprising!


If you love fashion, watch “White Christmas” with the amazing Bing Crosby. Especially if you’re looking for a New Year’s Eve outfit! 😉 This musical is not only about the funny adventures of four vocalists and songs that you’ll be humming to yourself for the next few months, but also about about a lot of amazing fashion ideas. You’ll find red manly evening shirts (!), stage sequin appliques, ostrich feathers, satin blouses and Santa disguise. The world of fashion is totally inspired by this colorful kaleidoscope, not only the haute couture one. Louis Vuitton featured midi flared skirt in 2010, Chanel Couture from 2006 – ostrich feathers, and Zuhair Murat Couture from 2014 – blue lace and 50-ies like style. Lady Gaga’s stylists must also have been inspired by “White Christmas”. During the Academy Awards gala the singer appeared in a white dress and long red gloves. A similar outfit is worn on stage by Judy Haynes, one of the characeters starring in the show.


Surprised? 😀 Just picture the amazing scene in which Kim Boggs (the beloved one of Edward) dances around a sculpture made out of ice, amazed by the snow falling from the sky, which, as it turns out – isn’t falling from the sky by accident 😉 Even though I’m not a fan of gloomy black, I have to admit that the scary image of the main character has successfully inspired fashion designers’ and photograpers’ imagination. Among others, references to Tim Burton’s movie can be found in Umre Unal’s Turkish Vogue editorial, in Tim Walker’s shoot for Harper’s Bazaar, in Lady Gaga’s looks, and Alexander McQueen’s 2012 collection. Make-up artists are also often inspired by the characteristic image of Edward. Blurred eye make-up (in a very elegant edition, of course) and dark lips were featured in Chanel and Azzuro shows.



This erotic drama by Stanley Kubrick starts during a Christmas party and ends – with Christmas shopping. Among others, this movie is responsible for the lingerie trend that is still eagerly followed by fashion designers. Thanks to the movie night gowns have made it straight to the catwalks! Alluring laces and transparencies, loved by Alice Harford appeared, among others, in Louis Vuitton, Denis Basso and Narcisco Rodriguez collections. The movie inspired many stars – Natalia Vodianova and Rihanna – to wear sexy transparent and satin outfits on the red carpet. Yet it’s crucial to hide the most important things, just like Alice did. Under a cult oversize camel coat or a plain turtleneck 😉



Even though the plot might seem trival, it’s one of the most moving love stories with a Christmas background. What’s interesting, that’s where Liza Minelli’s parents – Judy Garland and Vincente Minelli met 😉 The classic Christmas movie of the 40’s is worth watching due to the chic looks of the main character. The frames from the movie appear on many moodboards of the most famous creative directors like, Miu Miu (see the AW 2011 collection), Jenny Packham (in winter 2012 the designer “used” even the characteristic fringe of Judy Garlsnd or John Galliano (see his SS 2011 collection for Christian Dior). The red dress in which the main character spends Christmas has already become iconic. A similar was worn even by Katy Perry 😉



Even though 2046 is not a typical holiday movie, Christmas (and unreciprocated love) is its key element. The main character, Chow Mo-Wan meets his former lovers, starts a romance and decides to end it. Chow creates a theme of a time-travelling train in which the compartments 1224-1225 correspond to Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. The holiday makes the characters aware how lonely they are and how much they miss their lost love. You won’t find reindeer sweaters in this movie. Chow’s lovers’ Christmas dinner outfits feature chic furs and shiny minidresses which combines the traditional Asian stand-up collar with the style of the 60-ies. With its saturated color scheme and original costume, the movie’s been inspiring the world of fashion for many years now. The L’Officiel magazine referred to the 2046 movie in an editorial featuring Gong Li, and John Galliano in his 1997 collection for Dior. The influence of the Korean movie can also be seen in Ralph Lauren’s 2011 collection and the one by Louis Vuitton from the same year.