Dears, it’s official: 2016 is slowly becoming history. Have you already planned what to wear to welcome the new challenging and full of colorful resolutions year of 2017? Take a look at my suggestions. I divided them in a way that everyone will surely find something for themselves. You can also take a look at my last year’s article, in which you’ll find out the perfect dress for your body type.

1. 100% GLAMOUR

Glamour style is something that Tigers like most 😉 They make every woman look like the queen of the ball. Just take a look at stars (like Rihanna) rocking the red carpet in long gauzy dresses to understand what it’s about. Shine, splendor, wealth – these are the characteristic features of the style. Combinations of violet, red, burgundy with gold, or navy and gold are an amazing option. Your jewelry should be big and expressive and your accessories (shoes and purses) shiny, glittery, encrusted with zirconias. If you want to accentuate the top of your body and draw attention away from your bigger hips – wear a huge necklace and a fascinator, if you’re willing to expose your legs, go for zirconia sandals and deep cuts at the bottom that will expose them, just like in Angelina Jolie’s famous outfit.

1. DRESS bonprix | 2. STILETTOS Missguided | 3. CLUTCH Mint&Berry | 4. NECKLACE Aldo
5. EARRINGS Cloe | 6. HEADBAND ANAeme | 7. RING Konplott


A set for those whose style is gauzy, subtle and delicate like morning mist, basing on powder pastel colors with some stronger accents of color, which shouldn’t dominate the whole outfit. Cobalt shoes and a purple hair accessory will be enough. Blondes and petite brunettes will feel great in such an outfit. If you’re not that into pink, you can reach for any other color unless it’s a pastel one: cool blue and mint will be great for cool seasonal coloristic types, and salmon and apricot for warm seasonal types. Check HERE which of the types you belong to. Your accessories need to accentuate the etheric character of your look. Check diadems and crystal earrings, small clutches, stiletto sandals (wear boots first and change your shoes for lighter ones when you’ve reached your destination).


An outfit perfect if you’re going to a club. I call it „disco chic“ 😉 Sequins look great in the lights of stroboscopes. On New Year’s Eve you can go as crazy as you want and combine them with shiny accessories. Sequins would look best on mini dresses, but remember not to go too crazy with the depth of your neckline. You want to be sexy, not daring 😉 Wear satin ankle boots (these are super fashionable) and put your phone and powder into (how could it be different?) a sequin clutch 😉 This kind of strong shine suits girls of strong and intensive seasonal color types most: winters, autumns. Delicate light brunettes and blondes can wear a sequin shirt and a silk top to ease the effect a bit. If you’re scared that this shiny look will make your shapes even more round, wear a gauzy wrap on top, a scarf or a fur (if it might be cold).


1. DRESS TFNC | 2. BOTKI Missguided | 3. CLUTCH Becksoendergaard
4. NECKLACE Sweet Deluxe | 5. EARRINGS Sweet Deluxe | 6. HEADBAND Nat Design


If you go for minimalism, go only for its „explosion of colors“ version. You have to look as if you’ve been hit by a shelf with paint in Castorama 😉 This style likes interesting cuts, playing with the form, and geometric accessories. Try to find a dress that’ll have asymmetrical cuts, unproportionally wide cuffs and a low cut back. Add a fluo clutch, patent sandals, a toque, and… almost ready! 😉 You also need some jewelry. It should also be kept simple, yet interesting. How about wearing big golden rings on every finger, or huge crystal earrings? Avoid small forms and delicate patterns like meadows and laces. Consider color-blocking – setting a few saturated colors next to eachother.


1. DRESS Katrus | 2. STILETTOS TopShop | 3. CLUTCH modeMania
4. EARRINGS Cloe | 5. TOQUE Bozka | 6. BRACELET Mikashka | 7. RINGS Cloe


If you’re a fan of festival and boho looks, you’ll go for boho even on New Year’s Eve . And that’s great! There’re plenty of interesting sets here to create! All you need is a golden or silver headband worn with a short gauzy dress and evening stilettos styled to be regular sandals with straps – and you’ll be on the right rack. If you want to take a step further and be a bit more New Year’s Eve like make sure your dress has a few New Year’s Eve details. Don’t forget a ethnic patterns, feathers, florals. They shouldn’t be taken literally. The flowers can be out of zirconias, and the feathers out of metal. They’ll create a master mixture of boho and glamour 😉 Gauzy oversize types of dresses should bet the best friends of those who fight with a few additional pounds around their waist, as they focus attention on the legs, drawing it away from your tummy at the same time.


1. DRESS Anna Field | 2. STILETTOS Missguided | 3. CLUTCH Becksoendergaard
4. HEADBAND Expose | 5. EARRINGS Sweet Deluxe | 6. BRACELET Ted Baker | 7. NECKLACE ICHI 


I think that all of us had that moment in their lives that they wanted to be gold from head to toes? If you haven’t been sure about it, you should definitely go for it this time! After all, you only live once, and New Year’s Eve happened only once a year 😉 When if not now? Go for the most amazing golden dress you can find, and then sprinkle it with… GOLD! Mix its shades: start with cool white gold and finish with copper. If your seasonal color type is cool, go for cooler shades, enrich them with pearl. Warm types can go as crazy as they want, gold is their element! Compose a total look without any compromise! See how I do it. Even your make-up can shine like this HERE. Blink Blink, Sister! 😉


1. DRESS Fashion Union | 2. STILETTOS Guess | 3. CLUTCH L. Credi
4. JEWEL NECKLACE Republika Artystyczna | 5. PIN Expose | 6. BRACELETS Mikashka
 7. BRACELETS Mikashka | 8. EARRINGS Moniqq


The last suggestion is a bow to those of you who’re not that sure about the New Year’s Eve shine and glitter. Lace can be equally elegant and evening like, all you need is to skilfully set them with the rest of the outfit. They’re great for slim and even slender people as they make your body look optically slimmer. They love to play the first fiddle and focus the attention on themselves. Do you want everyone to notice the top parts of your body? Go for a dress with lace at the top. Would you rather they noticed your legs? Yes, you got it right! 😉 A lacy bottom will be perfect. You can also go a bit wild and diversify the look by adding a strong leather jacket. Just picture this look: a lacy dress, a leather jacket and a princess like diadem on your head – TOTALLY AMAZING! Do you prefer classics? Elegant pearls and satin sandals will complete the outfit creating the perfect look!


1. DRESS Coast | 2. STILETTOS Missguided | 3. CLUTCH Mascara | 4. PIN Expose
5. CHOKER Cloe | 6. EARRINGS Cloe | 7. RING 4 seasons jewelery | 8. NAILPOLISH OPI