Buying presents for women is extremely fun, as it’s a bit like getting a present for yourself 😉 It’s good to remember your friends’ interests and style, though. Just like with presents for men, take a while to think what kind of personality a given person represents, what she’s “crazy” about and whether she won’t find a beautifully packed soap, for example, offending (What? Do I stink or something?) and a set of cooking gloves disrespectful (Are you suggesting that all that I can do is cook?). What makes one person happy can make another feel bad for a couple of weeks 😉 If you’re not sure what the reaction will be, go for safe items: a nice wash bag, a glasses case, or an elegant pen. Remember to choose presents according to age. Avoid getting strong perfume for your teenage cousin and fishnet socks for your grandma (well, unless she reminds Iris Apfel 😉 ). Then she might fancy something from #1 below! 🙂


It’s simple. You’ll find tones of amazingly beautiful jewelry and clothes by young Polish designers in stores like or You can count on short editions and original items. If you prefer the get something tested and popular, you can check Pandora out – everything shines there. How about a watch? It’s always a good and timeless (literally and metaphorically) present. Just like books and albums with fashion in the background. Pop in on, I especially recommend such trinkets as „The Story of Fashion” – it’s definitely the best! 

Before you get anything, check if there’re any discount codes on If you decide to get something expensive, the codes can really help you save some money.


1. EARRINGS Pandora | 2. EARRINGS Pillow Design | 3. WATCH Q&Q | 4. WATCH Esprit
5. CHARMS Pandora | 6. JEWEL NECKLACE Republika Artystyczna | 7. BOOK Matras | 8. BOOK Empik


If you’re surrounded by fans of healthy lifestyle and vegans, vegetarians, or any other positively crazy eco fans, look for ecological cosmetics. They’re becoming more and more popular and offer many amazing products in nice packs (which is also important when it comes to Christmas presents). Check and e-naturalne. In e-naturalne I’d recommend alg masks, all you need to do is add water to them and apply on your face in the evening just for 15 minutes, and – voila – you look like a new person the next day 😉 If you don’t like the idea with cosmetics, you can get a fair trade coffee (no-one was hurt in the process of its production) or get upcycled jewelry – made out of things that used to serve a totally different purpose (like earrings made out of nibs).


1. FRUIT BOWL Pracownia Tynka | 2. VASE Ekodizajn | 3. MUG Wyplatanki | 4. LIPSTICK Lavera
5. BODY BUTTER Purite | 6. CREAM E-naturalne | 7. POSTER


That’s when it gets a bit hard, but we’ll get though it 😉 A book, of course, will always be appreciated, as long as you make sure your friend doesn’t already have one. And when you decide to get a book, consider everything that goes with it: bookmarks, Kindle cases (there’re a lot of nice ones in Media Markt), and book holders. Intellectuals love to write down, note, catalogue, and so on 😉 A beautiful notebook, a quill, a nice calendar, or a nice poster won’t surely go to waste. And how about something original? A soft blanket to wrap yourself in while reading an interesting book? 😉 Or a creative writing course?


1. BOOKMARK Hundred Bookmarks | 2. BOOKMARK Hundred Bookmarks | 3. KINDLE CASE MediaMarkt
4. KINDLE CASE MediaMarkt | 5. MUG ArtMika | 6. BLANKET Mia Home Passion
7. BOOK HOLDER Bastama | 8. POSTER


We all know those women who have a problem with sitting in one place, constantly look for adventures and infect with positive energy? 😉 And that’s great! May we have more and more of these volcanos of energy! What should we give them? How about an Australian offroad trip adventure with HollyCow, or a balloon flight over Warsaw? Take a look at what offers – you’ll find hundreds of “to experience” presents ideas there. I think that active women would also fancy a cinema or theatre ticket, or a weekend at the spa. If they organize parties often, they’ll surely like all kinds of games like “Taboo” and “IKnow”. If they like sports, they’ll be very happy to get goggles, a warm cap for long walks and thermal underwear.


All our Grandmas, Aunts, Mums and women who care for the warm atmosphere of their homes. They put family first; if you drop in on them unexpectedly, they’ll surely welcome you with a nice dinner and won’t let you out without a piece of cake “to go”. Check and their “Christmas Kitchen” section. You’ll find amazingly decorated rolling pins, bread boxes, kitchen gloves there. You can also invest in a new iron for your Grandma in Media Markt, or a nice coffee machine for your mum in RTV Euro AGD . They’re classic and belong to the category of “useful” presents, but trust me – these women will appreciate their value 😉


4. CANS Mia | 5. APRON Gaul Design ArtMika | 7. NOTEBOOK Atramento 


Just like in the case of presents for men, we also have female individuals in our life that we like and want to show them that we remember about them, but don’t want them to feel awkward if they get an expensive present from us. I’m talking about our colleagues, nice neighbors that feed our cat if we leave for the weekend or the hairdresser who know perfectly how to cut your fringe (and she very often does it after the salon closes, because you didn’t have time to do it earlier) 😉 A good coffee, tea, or something sweet will be enough. If you want something from the bottom of your heart, I suggest a small flower pot with a Christmas tree, a beautifully packed colorful glass ball on which you can paint the date yourself. A Christmas picture in a frame would also be a good idea. What matters most is that you remember.


1. FLOWERPOT Grow Raw | 2. HOT PAD Catadeedle | 3. CRACKERS Annasianna 
4. CALENDAR Pokapaka | 5. HOME DECORATIONS Pliszka Domowa | 6. POSTER