Inspired by classic Christmas movies (you can read about the ones that influenced the world of fashion HERE), I decided to create a look in which you can see the upcoming Christmas spirit 😉 A 50-ies style dress – with an accentuated waist, a boat neckline, ¾ sleeves and a flared bottom – a perfect choice for an elegant Christmas Eve dinner with your family. Its feminine style and red lace give it a bit of a holiday character, and the satin stilettos only pro pit up 😉 Golden earrings and red lips are an obvious choice; but note the rest of the details, which come more of a surprise 😉 Instead of for a bracelet, I went for a big, „manly” watch and changed retro waves for a smooth modern bun. A mix of Grace Kelly’s look from M for Murder and a Bella Hadid like hairstyle? I love combining seemingly different worlds! 😉 The contrastive cobalt manicure also refers to current trends. Eva Longoria, Beyonce, and Emma Stone wear it set with red. Check it yourself. Who knows, maybe such a surprising detail will be a perfect pretext for you to talk about fashion with your younger cousins? 😉

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1. DRESS ChiChi London | 2. SHOES Sarenza | 3. EARRINGS C&A | 4. WATCH Fossil



1. DRESS Wallis | 2. STILETTOS Anna Field | 3. EARRINGS Sno of Sweden