The today’s post is dedicated to those of you who haven’t managed to get a spot at the hairdresser’s and will be forced to create their own hairstyles 😉 My suggestions are simple, easy to create and guarantee spectacular outcomes!


A pony tail has recently become popular on the red carpet. It’s usually worn with the hairband concealed with a hairstrand (see Olivia Wilde’s hairstyle below), but in my opinion it’s the perfect hairstyle for shiny pins, bows, and other hairpieces. All you need to do it comb your hair to the back of your head, use hairspray and voila! The only decision you have to make is whether you feel better with a high or a low updo. If you want to make the hairstyle more original, you can make a so called „bubble ponytail“. Tie your hair at the top of your head, prepare from 3 to 5 hairbands, place them in regular intervals at the whole length of your pony tail and tuck the hair out gently in between the bands to achieve a similar hairstyle to the one on Blake Lively’s head below.


1. PIN Izziland | 2. HAIRBAND Cloe | 3. HAIRBAND Hat Company


Buns have that something that immediately makes us chic and elegant, as if we were taken from Breakfast at Tiffany’s. They create a perfect team with evening gowns and glamour outfits. Take a look HERE to see my bun tutorial which’ll show you how to make 3 kinds of this hairstyle. You’ll surely like one of them. If your hair is thin and you’re scared that your bun will look sad, use bun makers. It’s like botox, but for hair 😉 Buns look great decorated with diadems, pins and flowers. Make sure the accessories match the colors of the rest of your outfit, or just go for silver and gold, as they match pretty much everything, especially on New Year’s Eve.


I recently published a “STEP BY STEP” tutorial on headband hairstyles HERE. They look great accompanied by boho style clothes and all subtle girly outfits. Theoretically a headband is sup-posed to keep hair out of our face, but in the case of evening outfits I’d rather go for it’s decorative function. Find a beautiful one that matches your outfit at the same time and think whether you prefer to wear it with your hair loose or tied. There’re plenty of options: all hair combed smoothly in the back, a headband at the top of the head, tied hair but with a fringe or a loose hair strand, loose hair with a hairband in the middle of the forehead. Don’t forget the most decorative version of headbands – fascinators with flowers, veils, sequins 😉 If you go for one of these, you can leave your hair simple, even minimalistic, and you’ll surprise everyone anyway.


1. HEADBAND Expose | 2. HEADBAND Filipola | 3. HEADBAND Aldo | 4. HEADBAND Expose
5. HEADBAND Expose


Braids are a bit of an everyday hairstyle, but all they need is a shiny pin or peacock feathers and they immediately gain a totally different character. Check it yourself! Make one of the hairstyles that I showed you HERE and pin a comb like this one, for example, aside. And what do you think? Nice, isn’t it? You can also braid your hair a’la Julia Tymoszenko and combine it with huge crystal earrings and a necklace. It’ll be quite an original set, but a very interesting one at the same time. A glamour Slavic girl 😉


1. PIN YOKO | 2. PIN Jezka | 3. PINS Studiokolor | 4. PIN Mrosoutache
5. COMB Mrosoutache | 6. COMB Mrosoutache


That’s where the tools step in 😉 A total essential – a round brush and a hairdryer, but also a curler, a straightener, rollers – depending on the outcome that we want to achieve. The first, easiest options are shiny and straight strands. Just wash your hair, dry it on a brush (or a curl hairdryer). Then dry you hair strand by strand as if you wanted to brush it thoroughly. If you dream of curls, the easiest way to get them is by using a curler just on the endings, below the ear – it’ll lower the risk of getting a „sheep effect“ – the hair at the top of your head will re-main straight. An interesting way to create this hairstyle is tying your hair at the top of your head, dividing it into two parts and curling separate strands on a curler. Take a look at a picture instruction. To make the hair more shiny, use a hair luster product (but don’t overdo it, so that your hair doesn’t become greasy), or use a bit of glitter. Voila!


1. HEADPIECE ALDO | 2. HAIR LUSTER Osmo | 3. GLITTER Make up for ever