John Dana, an American librarian said: „a smile is a cheap way to improve our appearance”. In order to be successful, it doesn’t only need to be charming, but also healthy and show-white. Is there a way to whiten your teeth at home? Check how to do it.

Even though we all dream of snow-white teeth, their color often reminds yellow. What makes it even more difficult – every tooth can be of a different color! It’s due to genes, medicine, time (the older you get the yellower your teeth become) or habits like drinking coffee, wine, or smoking. Nothing gives you so much charm as a healthy white smile 😉


There’s no point in investing money in whitening without proper care. Brush your teeth not only in the morning and in the evening, but also after every meal. Invest in a nice electric brush (like THIS one) – it’s much better in getting rid of plaque than a traditional one. Remember to wash your tongue as well, as a lot of bacteria accumulates on it. Whenever you can, use a straw to drink tea or juice – you’ll prevent plaque from building. Use rinse, especially whitening ones (I recommend THIS one). If you don’t have a brush with you, and you’ve just eaten a meal, reach for chewing gum (remember not to chew too often, as it may also have negative causes). Use dental floss (like THIS) and so called irrigators (you’ll get one, for example, HERE). Before you start the whitening process, go to the dentist and have plaque removed. Step one – checked! 😉



The choice of toothpastes that will bring your teeth back to their snow white color, especially if they’ve been discolored by coffee or cigarettes is wide 😉 Get a tested specialist toothpaste (like THIS one), which dissolves plaque and protects it from setting down. Make sure you know what the ingredients are! Such ingredients as urea peroxide or calcite work good, but applied in a longer run can lead to enamel dilution and, consequently, caries. A great alternative for these substances can be silica and Iceland moss. Use these medicine from time to time – brush your teeth with a delicate whitening fluoride toothpaste (like THIS one or THIS one.)


If you’d like to whiten your teeth, a proper toothpaste might not be enough – check out some product from the pharmacy or a drugstore. Try a 3-phase whitening system (like THIS one), which will bring the proper shine back to your teeth 😉 Check out special stripes or overlays that you feel with gel and put on your teeth for the night. They can be accompanied by, for example, a special machine that you can get, for example, HERE. You can also reach for special whitening powders, stick gels (like THESE) or gels which are activated by a special LED lamp.



Even if you’re crazy about natural care, be careful. Some eco whitening methods might damage enamel, and even cause gum inflammation. Resign from salt or lemon acid. Baking soda (which, up to now, remains one of the ingredients of regular toothpastes) and active carbon (all you need to do is crush a pill). Rub your teeth with… the inner part of banana skin, which contains calcium and whitens teeth at the same time 😉 Many people think that so called „oil sucking”, rinsing your mouth with all kinds of oils, like coconut, or rapeseed, also works. Smashed strawberries are also said to work, as well as carnation oil or dry bay leaf powder (it also protects from cavities!).




You’ve got 5 minutes left before your date or job interview and you realize that your teeth are faraway from snow white pearls? 🙂 I keep repeating that nothing rescues a woman more than… a lipstick 😉 A proper shade is crucial. The rule is simple: the cooler and darker the shade is, the lighter the teeth will seem to be 😉 Red with blue, or pink will definitely help whiten your smile more than orange and ginger, which’ll accentuate every yellow touch of it. If you’re not happy about the shade of your teeth, avoid beige lipsticks with pieces of gold. At the end of the day remember that the lipstick should be visible on your lips, not on your TEETH – even if they’re snow white, they won’t look great in such an edition. Apply a simple trick – put a finger into your mouth, squeeze your lips, move the finger. It’ll remove the excess of the cosmetic from the inside of your lips and protect you from a beautycare faux pas 😉