Winter feels like spending time at home, long evenings with books, and… hot baths 😉 These baths should be relaxing, long, and should smell nice. Like in the movies! Read on! 😉


Pour water into the tub (if you have kids, remove the toys from around the tub first ;)). Add your favorite bathing lotion. A one that makes a lot of foam. You can add a couple of magnesium flakes. This mineral isn’t only absorbed by our body with food, but also during a bath 😉 It relaxes muscles and joints, regenerates the skin. If it doesn’t convince you, go for a few drops of an etheric oil. A plain natural one will bet he best choice. Don’t mistake it with a scented oil that we add to our fireplaces, as it’s a totally different thing. Lavender is relaxing, rose oil rejuvenates the skin and makes it more elastic. Ylang-ylang is perfect for oily skin, and, by the way, it boosts your libido 😉 You’re not a fan of oils? You’ve got no choice my dear, you have to bathe in rose pads 😉 You’ll feel like a film star, I guarantee you!

4. BATH SALT Nikka Handmade | 5. BATH LOTION IDC Institute


Nothing can spoil a relaxing bath as much as ugly cool light from the ceiling. You don’t want your bathroom to look like a landing place of aliens, do you? If you don’t have nice reflectors above the basin, for example, just bring a lamp from your room, or a string of lamps, so called cotton balls. There’s one condition, though: don’t place the lamp near the tub, and don’t touch it with wet hands: electricity doesn’t know mercy 😉 There’s no lamp that could make up for candles. You can go for scented ones, but regular tea lights also make a great SPA like atmosphere 😉 Place them on the side of your bathtub (but away from your hair ;)) or on the floor.


A radio in the bathroom is an amazing idea. It can stand somewhere in the corner on the washing machine and relax you with calm songs (if you’re based in Poland, check Chilli Zet, for example). It doesn’t have to be supermodern, I even like small ones with an antennae, as I associate it with my childhood 😉 If you prefer to have control over what you listen to, bring a speaker and a computer with a playlist. Or maybe you feel like listening to the sound of nature? A heavy rain, the sound of a train coming, the sound of an inside of a cafe. It can all be arranged, check THIS link 😉 Audiobooks are also a great solution, as you can read a big fragment of a book while being in the bathtub. I’d suggest something light, Steven King isn’t such a great option 😉

8. RELAXING MUSIC Morskie Głębiny | 9. RADIO Camry | 10. RADIO Muse


Some people bathe in champagne, but i’d rather recommend you to drink a glass of it during a bath. It’ll be way cheaper and will let you feel like in an old Hollywood movie 😉 Pure luxury. I’m not a fan of alcohol, so I’m not going to keep encouraging you to have some. You can easily change it for a green smoothie (a kiwi, an apple, a banana, spinach, coconut water), or a healthy fresh grapefruit and orange juice. In winter go for cocoa, hot wine, or a winter tea. You’ll find my favorite recipes HERE. Take a treat as well, you only live once, right? 😉 Blueberries, nuts, or a piece of banana bread. Let me reveal the simples recipe on earth: mix 3 large bananas, one egg, half a glass of flour, half a spoon of cinnamon, ginger, and baking soda. Mix it, bake it for 25 mins in 170 degrees Celsius. Serve with honey! And voila! Yummy and healthy 😉 You can use the rest of the honey for a moisturizing facemask 😉


OK, it’s time to leave the tub. The end of a bath doesn’t mean the end of pleasure. After you‘ve dried your skin, rub a scented balm or olive into your skin. Check Nuxe, which smells of summer. It’s a so-called dry oil, so you don’t have to fear that you’ll get your clothes oily or will smell badly after a few hours. Wear a warm bathrobe. It’s a perfect time to give yourself a pedicure. Trim your nails, remove the cuticles (they’re soft after a long bath) and choose your favorite nail polish color. How about classic red, or avant-garde turquois? Intense saturated colors are made for pedicure! If you’re already going to sleep, rub some oily cream into your feet. It’ll make your skin soft and moisturized.

11. BODY LOTION Douglas | 12. BODY OIL Dr Irena Eris
13. ALMOND OIL Surowce naturalne | 
14. BATHROBE Vossen