What would a contemporary fairy tale princess wear, if, just like you, she was a MacademianGirl.com reader, and was also inspired by Rachel Zoe’s style? She’d team saturated colors with boho accessories, and enchant the winter dullness with colorful items! 😉 My today’s outfit will definitely help you visualize such a case 😀 A yellow warm turtleneck dress like sweater worn under a waisted saturated pink coat. Such a combination gains even more when it’s accompanied by blue accessories: a pompom hat, blue tights, cobalt gloves, and mirrored sunnies. All together the items create a comfy everyday urban look, which still stands out due to its original details. The pompom, the bows, and pastel jewelry make it look fairy-tale like and graceful at the same time! 😉 Classic cone heeled shoes immediately catch the eye – embroidered with colorful folk 70’s inspired patterns. These boots would even make a… little black dress look chic (well, if by any chance you could even consider it over the yellow dress, which works like an injection of vitamins ;)) I’m also going to wear them in early spring – embroidery is a total hit of the upcoming season, according to, among others, Dolce and Gabbana, Fendi, and PatBo. I always say an enthusiastic: YEES! to trends like this one 😉

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1. COAT Simple | 2. SWETEREK Top Secret | 3. SUNNIES Sunlovers.pl
4. BOOTS Primamoda | 5. TIGHTS Gatta | 6. JEWELRY By Dziubeka



1. COAT Lanti | 2. DRESS TheCover | 3. ANKLE BOOTS Topshop | 4. NECKLACE Miss Glow