She was a master in combining her love for fashion with what was expected of her. All of her looks were immediately being copied by thousands of women. Jackie Kennedy, the wife of the 35th president of the US is up to now considered to have been a total queen of chic.


Is a dresscode all about boring navy and black? Jackie Kennedy loved colors and reached for them also when she was leaving to official meetings. Her colorful two-piece suits were elegant enough to satisfy political image advisors, but also captivating enough to catch the eyes of fashion enthusiasts. Jackie was a fan of optimistic and pastel shades: peach, pink, yellow, red, saturated green, and blue. They made her look fresh. I think that Hillary Clinton is very often inspired by Mrs Kennedy’s looks (check the details HERE)! 😉 Even if you work in an office, go for colorful two pieces suits or blouses. Team two plain items or go for a total look – wear your favorite color from head to toe! Check the yellow cocktail maxi dress that Jackie Kennedy wore to the New York Metropolitan Opera in 1973. No little black dress stands a chance! 😉


Jackie Kennedy loved the French style and admired Coco Chanel’s designs. As the First Lady she couldn’t do her shopping in Paris, though. She supported American designers, who created approved copies of the Chanel two-piece tweed dress. One of them created one of the most popular outfits in history of fashion, Mrs Kennedy’s pink suit. This move allowed her to compromise her love for fashion and for the country 😉 If you love fashion, start checking out Polish boutiques more often – for a few seasons now family businesses have been designing very hot pieces! Sometimes it’s better to get one item made in Poland than 10 cheaper ones in a chain store. I have such designs in my closet and wear them with pride. My favorite ones are, among others Mariusz Przybylski and Bizuu.


And it’s not a little black dress! The First Lady popularized fitted boat neck dresses with wide shoulder-straps. Up to now this type of a dress remains a synonym of class and elegance. Jackie knew how to „energize” it. She always reached for proper accessories – sunnies, headpieces, jewelry, or long gloves. Find the perfect dress – HERE you can check how to choose it according to your body type, and wear it differently every day. When you’re at work, team it with a plain jacket, when you’re out in the evening, go for something glamour. A simple dress that uncovers the body in a discrete way will make you a star of old Hollywood! Going for THE ONE, always pay attention to its quality – if you go for a plain form, much more attention is paid to the seams and details.


Jackie Kennedy loved head pieces. Not only because she was expected to 😉 The First Lady loved fascinators. Tied headbands, toques, berets, that she reached for were a final touch to her classy and elegant everyday looks and made simple looks more fancy. They also matched her perfectly smooth shoulder length hair. Jackie Kennedy liked to smuggle fancy details, such as veils or bows, in her headpieces. If you seek for accessories to help you stand out – go for small hats. Now, after the premiere of Jackie, they’ll be a total must have! In the summer don’t look around and tie a patterned headscarf around your head – it’ll look stylish together with big sunnies, and if you’re going to a party wear an elegant headband with a veil.


Just have a closer look at her choice of clothes! 😉 Jackie diversified simple dresses with contrastive gloves or a pearl necklace, and „accentuated” her pants with fashionable belts with an embellished buckle. If she went for a simple coat, it must have been of an original print, like leopard, for example. She made a classic pantsuit more extravagant by a boho headscarf, and a plain skirt look – with a bow at the waist. Jackie Kennedy was perfectly aware how to respect the dresscode and not forget the love for fashion at the same time 😉 Are you bored of Scandinavian simplicity? Just like Mrs Kennedy some time ago, pay attention to details which’ll make your closet more original. All you need to do is go for an interesting bag, an XXL ring, or juicy colored stilettos with your jeans and sweater look 😉