Is it the first time that you organize the Easter breakfast for the whole family? Or maybe you’ve been doing it for some time now? Regardless of how experienced you are, this year you can surprise everyone and prepare amazing decorations for your Easter table. Check the ideas that I gathered for you below!


Instead of getting ready made or plastic egg holders, go for a… DIY nest. All you need is a handful of dry grass, coconut fiber (you’ll get them both in a gardening store), moss, feathers, soft branches, and threads. Tangle grass, straws, and coconut fiber together, leaving a hole in the middle (like in a real bird’s nest). Take some strands out, so that it looks naturally. If you want to, you can use self hardening modelling foam (look for it in stores for artists). If you go for pastel eggs with subtle decorations, they will look especially good if you place them in your nest 😉


Act like a scenographer and create your own little world in a big jar 😉 You’ll surely find one in your cellar. If not – you’ll get it, among others, HERE or HERE. It’s all very simple – put some hay at the bottom of a jar, and shape it so that it looks a bit like a nest (see #1). Put acouple of small partridge eggs on top – you don’t even have to dye them! You can also put a lot of eggs painted in one color into a jar or a vase and decorate it with catkins or blossoming cherry flowers.


How to surprise your beloved gourmets? Use your sweet associations 😉 Instead of putting your usual Sunday cheesecake on your usual Sunday plate, go for eggs in a nest this time, an Easter bunny and a few branches of catkins. Decorate the plate with colorful blown eggs, or place them separately in muffin forms and put around the table. It’ll not only look charming, but also veeery tasty! 😉


This DIY trick will surely require you to take a walk to the artist store, and… to the forest 😉 Get special foam eggs and cover them with moss. Use some string to tie it to the forms. You can also decorate it with, for example, violet flowers. Another way to decorate foam eggs is to is to pierce it with shiny spangles on pins. You’re limited only by your imagination! 😀


When it’s Christmas there’s mistletoe, and when Easter comes… go for Easter hanging eggs, inspired by Alexander Calder’s art. All you need to do is hang beautifully dyed blown eggs on a branch. How to make them? All you need to do is pierce an egg, blow out what’s inside it (you can also make an omelet ;)). Decorate the eggs with flowers or a string. I’m sure that everyone will love them!


Something for those who can’t let go of Facebook even under the Easter table 😉 Dye your eggs with yellow paint (go for as light shells as possible), and paint smiley emojis on them. I think I don’t have to tell you where to look for inspiration 😀


It’s a total Easter classic, but if you’ve never done it, it’s high time you checked it out this year 😉 Fold napkins so that they make rabbits with big ears. Thin napkins will be best. Check HERE how to do this, so that you get a sweet rabbit. Even if it’s a bit naughty (meaning not that even 😉 ), don’t worry – all the guests will surely love it anyway!


Prepare glass and transparent vases in different shapes (like THIS one) and fill half of them with water. Dissolve a bit of pigment or paint in each of the vases. White flowers with stiff stems will definately look best.


Forget artificial pigments and try to remember what your grandma would do with… onions! Naturally dyes eggs are back in the spotlight 😉 You can use red cabbage brew (blue), curcuma (yellow) or beetroots (intense pink). Experiment a little with the time – you’ll see how fun that is 😉


After Easter you’ll surely have many egg packs at home. Don’t throw them away, use them to make charming flower pots 😉 Put a small glass of water into each of the egg holes. Decorate them as you wish – tie a colorful straw or tie some decorative foil around. Put a flower into each of the „vases”, a rose, for example. I guarantee you, everyone will be totally impressed with your creativity! 😉