I recently wrote an article about combining colors in looks, and today I’ll focus on patterns. How to look good wearing a few different prints? How to make florals stripes and plaid look good together? Read on and find out! 😉


It’s a total classic. It looks great in a nautical version with white, navy and red (a navy and white striped top and a white and red floral skirt). One can go for different combinations, according to their figure type or coloristic type. Blondes will feel good in pastels, brunettes in saturated and clean shades, redheads in gold, orange and brown. Diagonal stripes make one look a bit wider, so if you want to hide additional pounds around your belly, I’d go for a plain jacket, a dark one would be best. Take a look at the collage – it features plain textures with embroidered flowers. You can follow this example and wear a floral coronet, like this one here with a striped shirt. It’ll be pure spring 😉


You surely remember kaleidoscope and paintings that you could watch in it from when you were a child. There were thousands of colorful crystals in such a tube, they shone with all col-ors of rainbow and were breathtakingly beautiful. You’ll get a similar effect combining geometric figures in looks. Do you like splendor? Go for a plaid (or rhombs) total look. It can be black and white, but if it’s colorful, it’ll make you look way more spectacular. If you’re thin and tall, surround yourself with big patterns, yet if you’re tiny and short, go for subtle ones. Plus size ladies, despite the public opinion, can wear big patterns, just skillfully covering them in sensitive spots. If you’re an O, wrap a dark cardigan over your figure – it’ll help you mask your belly; if you’re an A – combine patterned shirts with navy or burgundy pants. Dark colors make your hips and thighs slimmer.


You don’t like geometry? Think about circles, rings and ovals – everything without edges 😉 Girls of square and triangle faces look especially good in such patterns, as they soothe the sharp lines of their faces. Curl your hair so that you achieve a coherent outcome. You can set different shades together, like a pink and navy polka dots shirt with violet and red floral pants (thy’ll look great divided by a golden belt). Patterns in the same shades teamed with colorful jewelry look equally good. Go for black and white as a base, they’ll look good with every color you could ever dream of 😉 The more juicy they are, the better: go for purple, fuchsia, and cobalt.


Let’s play with the size now. It’s a great way to even the proportions of your figure. If you’re an A and you’d love to expose the top parts of your body, that’s where you should place big florals or plaid. Go for subtle vertical stripes at the bottom. If your figure type is a Y or an O, make sure you wear big patterns on the bottom; on your pants or skirts, and wear smaller ones around your belly. Xes, who are proportional, should accentuate it by wearing the same patterns at the top and at the bottom of their figure, dividing these areas with a belt of a different pattern, for example. It’s good to stick to the same color scheme, namely only warm or only cool, subdued, contrastive, etc. Mixing colors of different temperatures might cause un-wanted havoc. That’s where I have to mention the very trendy striped shirts with saturated prints on them – birds, butterflies… like THIS one. They perfectly reflect the game with sizes.


An option for the shy ones 😉 Wear items that are of a similar or the same pattern, but on a totally different background. They can be of similar shades, like light and dark pink, which’ll look great if your seasonal coloristic type is spring or summer. If you’re a seasonal winter or autumn, go for contrastive ones like black, white, or ecru. You can look for ready sets in stores, or create one yourself. Start with a navy striped blouse and a white and navy skirt. Add a pink purse, orange shoes and a golden belt. If you don’t feel confident in such a look, just get a pantsuit or a two pieces suit. Wear it a few times and start mixing the items with other clothes, one step at a time. Start with a colorful neckerchief, then a striped blouse….