Easter is definitely round the corner. Are you excited by the very thought of spending a few days at your grandma’s, or are you already planning possible ways out? I have suggestion for you – try to have good fun with your family this Easter. How’s that possible? Read on to find out!


Have you ever wondered why you find it so hard to communicate with your siblings? Maybe each of you has their own life and doesn’t feel the need to get to know eachother at all? 😉 Instead of constant yawning, when your brother starts telling you about the world of mobile apps, ask him what he’d recommend you 😉 He’ll surely be pleased to share some of his knowledge with you. Try to show your sister the series that you’re crazy about, and go on a VERY IMPORTANT match with your dad, if he’s not been talking about anything else for a month now. Show your close ones what i sit that you really do. No wonder that noone’s interested in your job if you never say anything about it! And maybe you could make friends with your family at the same time? 😀


You instantly think: „I have my friends for all crazy parties”? Think that instead of spending the whole day behind the table (which, sooner or later will evolve into a fight or just get TEEERIBBLY BORING), you could try and do something that you’ve never done before. Together. How about bowling, go-carts, or taking part in an urban steeplechase (Survival Race, for example)? Try to take a fresh look at your close ones (like your potential friends) and live through something exciting together! Maybe when you see your mum happy as a teenager, you’ll stop associating her with a constantly tired and unhappy woman, whom it’s better to avoid 😉


We all know that there’re thousands of matters for us waiting to do on Instagram and Facebook, but it’s good to try to leave your phone away from time to time. Try to talk and simply be with yourself for a couple of hours. It won’t only get you close together, but also have a great influence on your health! Turn the TV and the computer off, go out to the park. There’s no better way to spend a spring afternoon than a walk in the fresh air 😉 Make it a habit – at least once a month plan a day that will be only for yourself. No work calls, checking your online purchases, and no answering to comments on Facebook 😀


Everyone knows that laugh cures all problems and that it’s an amazing remedy for stress. And it totally unites people! Have you noticed that those who’re constantly happy become quiet and grumpy around their close ones? If you don’t know how to introduce joy to your house, read these simple tricks. Get a board game, like THIS one, or THIS one. Watch a Polish comedy, which everyone will find funny (I love, for example, „Rejs” 😉 ) or some funny series on Netflix.


Manuals on how to deal with other people are in reality totally simple – you just need to WANT to find out what they like, what they care about, and what makes them crazy. There shouldn’t be a problem with family – you’ve spent your whole life around them 😉 If you know that your brother’s reaction to „When are you finally going to get a girlfriend” aren’t that enthusiastic, just leave it. If your mom is sad when you make remarks about her cooking, leave them for yourself. Try to avoid controversial topics and moaning. Talk about something nice! And start SMILING at your beloved ones. You’ll see – the atmosphere at home will totally change! 😉


Care for your relations with your close ones every day, and you’ll never even think that you might go crazy spending a day with them 😉 Be up to date with your brother’s problems at work, care for our mother’s health, visit your grandma and call your sister who lives in a different city. Does your family look great only in pictures? Well, you can also make friends with them, but it requires a bit of initiative, and… patience. Don’t shout at your mom when she calls you you’re busy. It’s not her fault you’re busy all the time 😀


It’s not a secret that we feel good around people whom we admire and have respect for. Take this perspective towards… your parents and siblings! 😉 Try to learn as much as you can from them. It’s not only about your mom showing you how to use a sewing machine (it doesn’t mean that she can’t show you how to use it :D). Observe how they behave in different situations, what they’re interested in, appreciate what they do for a living and how much they’ve managed to accomplish. Let them inspire you with their passions! How to do that? Go back to #1 😀