All designers play by the same rule this season – we have to reach for brave and hardline solutions. Sad minimalism is finally replaced by creative and surprising looks which combine countless inspirations 😉 Eclectic outfits are not only a tribute to current trends, but also… creativity. If you’re not confident in creating such looks, check my method – combine different textures which are in the same color scheme 😉 Today I went for exclusive materials (Tweed, so associated with Chanel), sensual details (bow tie neckline) and surprising accessories (just take a look at these round glasses). The whole is bound by the cream color scheme, livened up by red accents. The serious style of the jacket contrasts with modern azure ankle boots with a sock like upper, and the transparent lace and pearl appliques – with sports Rihanna style straps visible from afar. Golden jewelry, including the geometric earrings, looks great with the… pineapple patterned bag 😉 The element that definitely plays the first fiddle in the look are the snow-white legs of the pants that I’m wearing. If you’re looking for an item that will dash everyone, they would definitely be a good choice. I decided to tie a smooth ponytail to calm the look down a bit. This is my kind of icing on the cake 😀


COAT Rinascimento | BLOUSE & SHOES Elisabetta Franchi  | PANTS MetJeans | PURSE Pinko
JEWELRY By Dziubeka | SUNNIES Zero UV | LIPSTICK MacademianGirl Makeup for Paese (retro red)


1. PANTS Vero Moda | 2. BLOUSE Navy London | 3. JACKET Zara | 4. STILETTOS Dorothy Perkins
5. SOCKS | 6. BROOCH Milita Nikonorov | 7. LIPSTICK MacademianGirl Makeup for Paese