Milan streets like splendor is my favorite trend. It’s become popular when it was worn by stars like Sophie Loren, or Anita Ekberg, who was a director’s, Federico Fellini’s, favorite. The Swedish actress proves that you don’t have to be a native Italian to feel good in a truly Italian look. 😉 I got totally inspired and decided to test Italian chic myself 😉 A leopard print dress (take a look at this incredible pink and violet combination in the background!). Such a simple style suits everyone, regardless of their figure – all you need to do is add a belt, and voila – your waist is perfectly accentuated! Check out bonprix, they offer a lot of similar models 😉 I put a fiery red jacket on top, which style reminds the classic Chanel one. If you’re a minimalist, its fray edges can do for jewelry, yet if you’re a jewelry fan, just like me, you’ll need to add something more 😉 I went for an embellished bracelet, XXL earrings and an equally big ring. It’s not the end of the shine (and surprises), though. The classic maroon stilettos are decorated with the hottest accessory of the season – shiny stones appliques (purchase this model with a 20% discount up to Sunday, April 2nd. Type the code: STYL. Other models 30% off – click for details). If you’re looking for the perfect shoes for this season, go for simple pumps, but with a twist. You’ll be able to wear them to many parties! 😉 An Italian style look requires proper accessories – a purse on a chain is a total must have! It’ll easily fit your cosmetics, a book, and… cinema tickets 😉 I decided to complete the look with a modern accent – classic aviator glasses, yet… in pink! I like to picture myself on a press conference before a movie premiere in which I play a part. Well, one can always dream, right? 😀


SHOES (use the code: “STYL” to get 20% off up to Sunday, April 2nd – CLICK) | DRESS bonprix 
JACKET Orsay | PURSE Parfois | GLASSES Zero UV


1. DRESS bonprix | 2. COAT bonprix | 3. STILETTOS Menbur | 4. PURSE Topshop
5. BELT bonprix | 6. EARRINGS Cloe