Let’s play tabloid today and talk about celebrity looks in May. Take a peek at my subjective best and worst looks of the past month review.


Anja Rubik in Cannes.

A big WOW for the amazing shades of green which go perfectly with the model’s beauty type. They left me breathless for a longer while. I don’t really know if it’s the color that captivated me, or the whole combination with the lip color and silver jewelry. Anyway – the outcome’s amazing! Let me also mention that this type of a dress is perfect for tall and slim girls. Asymmetries and sharp lines shape the body and its three dimensional style makes Anja look more curvy.

Another beautiful Polish girl in Cannes. Maffashion.

I totally love the blogger’s outfit. It’s supposed to be serious and official yet with a pinch of salt and a lemon in her hand 😉 Subtle flowers, “expensive” jewelry and a fairy tale hairstyle. All these elements work great together, telling a story of a contemporary Cinderella – a girl who dreamt big, took things in her own hands and is now conquering the world. It’s good to dream big! Aim high and turn your passions to gold! 😉

Not a Polish girl, yet still beautiful and still in Cannes 😉 Sara Sampaio

Red in its evening edition. Perfectly agrees with Sara’s complexion, and that’s what makes the look special. Diamond accessories are the icing on the cake. The style of the dress is amazingly universal. Every girl would look good in it. Petite Fs need to remember to wear high heels with such long dresses, Os should lift up their waists, and those of you who aren’t into big cleavages should go for a smaller one.

Malgorzata Rozenek-Majdan as Mrs Spring.

When I look at Malgorzata’s look I get an impression that it’s just a matter of time until spring flowers start falling from underneath her dress, making a nice smelling carpet on the pavement. I like this color combination, an oversize jeans jacket and a super trendy frill which makes the whole look sexy in a girly way. This kind of a dress is perfect if you’re body type H, O, or F, as they have amazing legs and slim shoulders. If I were to wear this outfit in the evening, I’d go for a fuchsia lipgloss and a crystal clutch.

Jackpot. Grazyna Torbicka.

When it comes to chic and elegance, noone can compete with Grazyna Torbicka, a Polish TV presenter. This time she’s also shown class. This suit might not be anything special if it was featured alone, but this color… Beautiful saturated red accentuates blonde’s beauty and doesn’t need to look daring – Grazyna is a living proof. She went for contrasts which would also look good if you’re a winter seasonal color type. For those of you who don’t like them – a pink or a cobalt top would also be a good idea.


Pamela Anderson’s free boob.

Pamela Anderson is famous for a quite different type of beauty than Grazyna Torbicka. If one likes it sexy, we can freely state that she hasn’t disappointed in that field. The outfit is coarse and womanly. It wouldn’t be a problem if it wasn’t for the fact that the actress didn’t feel good in this look. One can spot her peeking at her bust and controlling if everything’s at its place. Well… Being sexy is not only about showing your body. It’s about feeling good with it. Comfort. Confidence. Neither of which are visible in Pamela’s look.

Cleo’s mixture of everything.

When I look at this outfit I find a lot of threads. Too many. Starting from the top: cat-eye, a’la Kylie Jenner lips, techno like nails and One Thousand and One Night like pants. If it wasn’t for Cleo being so beautiful, the outfit would have totally been a bad choice. The model saves the look, but remember that it’s always good to have a theme and hold on to it. Enough is as good as a feast. I’d go for an Arabic princess, let my hair down, deem the make-up a bit and ad some Indian style jewelry. And voila! 😉

Ania Dąbrowska’s style guide.

Her appearance is also amazingly Slavic. As I wrote before, red works for blondes. Ania looks nice in this shade, and the look is literally asking for a matching lipstick. It’s not the lipstick that needs improving, though. It’s the style of the dress. The singer’s shoulders are a bit wide. How should one deal with them? Wear deep V-necks. Resign from shoulder pads, pagons, embellishments and cuts in this area. The sleeves should not be long – make sure they reach up to your elbows. If the dress had been chosen according to those rules, she’d have looked stunning. Unfortunately (as I really like Ania) I have to say that she did not look that great in this dress.

Victoria Beckham’s dark side.

I like Victoria’s style. Her simple yet graphic dresses, and womanly minimalism that she’s been faithful to for some time now. I have to admit – this outfit’s a bit gloomy and shapeless. One can’t see her body at all. Even the face is covered by big sunnies. If the sweater was pink and the dress was purple – I’d probably go for it, but it doesn’t work for me in this edition. What could one improve? I’d get rid of the sweater and leave the white shirt, gathering it with a golden belt and changing the heavy boots for subtle slippers in the color of the belt.

Kristen Stewart’s unfinished movie.

Just as Cara Delevigne or Katy Perry, Kristen gave in to the head shaving trend. I don’t see anything bad about it, but one really needs to work on such a hairstyle if they want to look subtle and girly. The dress is simple, and looks a bit like dungarees, which makes the boyish effect a bit. The simple top doesn’t bring anything new to the picture. The gloomy color make the outfit look like an unfinished movie. One waits for a happy ending, yet never gets it. What’s missing? Some sequins? Big jewelry? Color? A bit of everything, I guess 😉 The make-up speaks for itself, though. If you like smoky eyes, take a look at my tutorial.