You know my love for jewelry and accessories in general 😉 When summer comes, even if it’s hot, I can’t let go and wear them anyway! How do I do it? I simply go for a multi-layered fine chains. The skin doesn’t get all sweaty like it sometimes tends to under a jewel necklace, and the outcome is equally spectacular. Just take a look at my favorites listed below 😉


Well, one is simply not enough, and if you get a few, you can create various sets. A different one everyday 😉 Remember that the necklaces should be of different length, that’s when they’ll look original. Make sure to store them in a proper way. Placing each one in a straw, a regular one for drinks, like in this picture, is a great trick. Don’t shower when you have them on, as they’ll loose their beautiful golden color.

1. NECKLACE Whistles | 2. NECKLACE Top Shop | 3. NECKLACE Pieces | 4. NECKLACE Top Shop
 Polanska&Co | 6. NECKLACE Wishbone


If you don’t like puzzles like the ones mentioned above, you can take a shortcut and buy a few necklaces that are already combined into one. I have a few of them and I think that it’s a great option if one’s in a hurry. Just put it on your neck, add some earrings, some rings, and voila! Done! Remember that the earrings shouldn’t seem too “heavy”. Resign from big zirconias and go for delicate round or golden drop ones, like these here. They’ll look great teamed with red lips 😉


I love necklaces with colorful (or just silver) charms. Hearts, animals, stars… They’re all so cute 😉 The zirconia ones will help you shine in the evening. If you want to get to know more of my methods to shine during summer parties, take a look here. Colorful charms are also a great option if you’re heading to the beach; just picture them with a white one-piece swimsuit and a floral pareo 😉 A total dream, isn’t it? 😉

1. NECKLACE Rosa Gold Chain | 2. NECKLACE Wishbone  | 3. NECKLACE Animal Kingdom
 Selfie Jewellery | 5. NECKLACE Pieces | 6. NECKLACEPieces


A necklace with a big heavy charm at its end is perfect for tall and slim girls with a delicately accentuated waist (body type I). It draws attention to the middle parts of your body, making you look a little shorter. If you wear it with a fitted jacket, your figure will start looking… curvy 😉 Well, they’re a good choice not only for tall girls. It’s an elegant accessory that we all can use during official business events or during a dinner with our future mother in law 😉

1. PENDANT Polanska&Co | 2. PENDANT Fossil | 3. PENDANT Sweet Deluxe
 Orska | 5. PENDANT Kenneth Jay Lane | 6.PENDANT Kenneth Jay Lane


Chokers are still in, they stay with us for the AW season, so if you’re still considering, you should definitely get one, yet now don’t go for a strap one – invest in chain ones. One remark, though – chokers are an accessory for girls with slim and rather long necks. If you don’t have one, go for a necklace that’ll accentuate your cleavage. My idea for an autumn choker? Tie a neckerchief and tangle a necklace around it. It’ll look a bit like Dior catwalks 😉

1. CHOKERS Top Shop | 2. CHOKER Top Shop | 3. CHOKER Sweet Deluxe
 4. CHOKERS Top Shop
 | 5. CHOKERS Top Shop | 6. CHOKER Miss Selfridge