Expensive doesn’t always mean good, and cheap doesn’t need to be all crappy. We all like to discover cosmetics that do not cost an arm and leg and stand up to our expectations. In my recent article I focused on the best reasonably priced cosmetics in general, and today I’m reviewing pharmaceuticals! 😉 And… I managed to find even better deals than before! Read on! 😉


1. Uriage Thermal Water, PLN 16,99

Thermal water is always a great way to refresh and moisturize your face during the day. Usually, after using thermal water one needs to dry the face with a paper towel. In the case of Urinage thermal water… it’s not necessary, and that’s what I like it for 😉 It’s perfect for dry skin – after removing your make-up, splash it over your face and apply the cream afterwards.

2. Mediderm Cream, PLN 7,50

It’s a thick cream for dry atopic skin. It’s perfect for overnight care. If dry face isn’t your problem, the cream is also perfect for… moisturizing your feet 😉

3. Green Clay Mask, PLN 2,85

Green clay is perfect for oily skin. It absorbs sebum, cleanses the skin, but doesn’t over-dry it at the same time. One sachet is perfect for two uses and can be easily packed into your holiday wash bag, as it doesn’t need much storage space.

4. Zinc paste, PLN 2,99

I already told you about zinc paste here in thins article, now let me remind you that it can totally do wonders when you… get a pimple! Just apply it on the imperfection and you can be sure the inflammation will be stopped, and – what follows, the next morning you won’t have to conceal a big red spot on our forehead 😉

5. Palmers lipbalm, PLN 7,80

Above all, it smells with chocolate, but also moisturizes and protects the lips from the wind and the cold. It contains, among others, pure cocoa butter and vitamin E. One can feel it working right after the first use! 😉

6. Dermedic dry skin cream, PLN 13,65

The product keeps being recommended to me by many of my friends who struggle with dry skin. It’s a great moisturizer, which eases irritations and doesn’t clog the pores at the same time (which might result in acne and blackheads). It can be used by kids above 3 years old, so for those of you who have children, it’s a total 2in1 😉

7. Ecocera rice powder, PLN 15,89

Rice powder is a great mattifier, it’s white, yet becomes transparent when applied on the skin. Therefore there’s no problem with choosing the right color! 😉 It’s simply powedered rice, so it doesn’t make sense to get it overpriced in a glamour beauty store 😉

8. Flos-lek micellar water, PLN 14,50

Flos-lek produces dermocosmetics for sensitive skin. Their ingredients are all natural and carefully-selected to minimize the risk of any irritations. The micellar water for couperose skin contains arnica, known for its demulcent and antioedematous properties.

1. THERMAL WATER Uriage | 2. CREAM Mediderm | 3. CLAY MASK | 4. ZINC PASTE
5. LIPBALM Palmers | 6. CREAM Dermedic | 7. RICE POWDER Ecocera


9. Dermedic deodrant, PLN 14,42

If you suffer from post-shaving skin irritation, or have delicate armpit skin, this deodorant is totally a solution for you. On top of that, a budget one! It moisturizes, sooths the skin and protects you for 48 hrs. What more does one need? 😉

10. Jentschura MeineBase bath salts, PLN 16

Bath salts help draw out toxins, strengthen the immune system, and revitalise the organism. They’re used even in dermatology to heal inflammations and… fungus infections. They don’t over-dry the skin, so they’re perfect for long Sunday bath sessions 😉 Pure health!

11. Allerco soap bar, PLN 10,50

Regular soap bars can over-dry the skin. Allerco soap moisturizes and nourishes it. It’s great for girls with dry skin, who couldn’t imagine a shower with showergel only. Perfect for kids aged 1 and older.

12. Oillan bath lotion, PLN 13,93

Another cosmetic for dry and sensitive skin. If you don’t like soap bars, you can get this light shower and bath formula. It’s my solution for sunburns – apply it on wet skin, wait a few minutes and wash it off. The skin feels soothed right after the first use.

13. Farmina vaseline, PLN 1,70

I think that noone needs to be introduced to vaseline. Everyone should have it in their bathroom in case of overdried hands, nose, mouth, or a ring that doesn’t want to come off after a tiring day 😉

14. AIST soap bar, PLN 6,58

Prepared according to an old Russian formula. Anti-inflammatory, which is especially important in case of oily skin with a tendency for acne. It also exfoliates the skin, maybe not as good as my favorite coffee peeling, but it’s perfect for everyday care.

15. Seni Care body lotion, PLN 15,11

A good, reasonably priced body lotion. It contains urea, which guarantees perfect moisturizing. If your skin is dry, apply it after you’ve had a bath.

9. ANTIPERSPIRANT Dermedic | 10. BATH SALTS Jentschura | 11. SOAP Allerco
12. MOISTURIZING LOTION Oillan | 13. VASELINE Farmina | 14. SOAP Aist


16. Dernilan ointment, PLN 9,50

If you have a problem with horny skin on your feet (caused by walking in heels, for example 😉 ), this ointment is totally the right choice. Use it for a couple of days 2 or 3 times a day and put on some socks for the night. Do your pedicure, and – voila – your feet will be perfectly smooth! 😉

17. Podologic med antibacterial feet cream, PLN 15,29

Protecting the feet from fungus and unpleasant smell is not only about washing them and using anti-perspirants. Make sure to use cream, which helps to fight bacteria. You know – an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure 😉

18. L’Biotica exfoliating foot mask, PLN 11,30

A mask that is sold with… special socks! You put them on for an hour and a half, remove them, and wash the feet. After a few days the “old” skin starts exfoliating. It really works! 😉  

19. Latopic hand cream, PLN 13,22

Our hands reveal our age. Even if you care for your face as much as you can, don’t forget about your hands, as they can make you… seem older than you really are. Remember to moisturize them everyday, especially in winter. Latopic cream is perfect for the whole family, has antibacterial properties and can be used by 1-year-olds already!

20. Ziaja foot cream, PLN 10,13

Keep your feet cream by the bed, on your nightstand and rub it into your feet right before you go to sleep. The skin will regenerate and get moisturized over the night, which will prevent unpleasant syndroms like dry heels.

21. Defeet foot scrub, PLN 16,99

When you do your pedicure at home, a scrub is a total must have. You don’t have to treat your feet as delicately as you treat the face. Keep rubbing the scrub into your feet until you achieve perfectly smooth feet 😉 It’s important not only when it comes to your beauty, but also hygene, or health. Deofeet can be also applied on your elbows and knees.

22. Dermo Future nail products, PLN 11,29

If you’re looking for a cheap way to deal with your weak nails, you have just found it 😉 This conditioner contains titanium and liquid glass, which fills in the flaws and lets your nails grow back. The situation improves after two weeks. Remember, though: it’s only a cosmetic and needs to be combined with a proper diet and eating vitamin-rich products (I write more about it in this article).


16. OINTMENT Dernilan | 17. FOOT CREAM  Podologic Med | 18. FOOT MASK | 19. HAND CREAM Latopic
20. FOOT CREAM Ziaja | 21. FOOT CREAM Deofeet | 22. NAILS THERAPY Dermo Future


23. Palmers coconut oil hair mask, PLN 9,40

Coconut oil is a great treatment for damaged hair. You can rub it directly from the jar into your hair, or use this mask every few days. If you want it to work better, get a thermal head wrap – it opens the structure of the hair and improves the absorbing process of the conditioner.

24, 25, 26 Biovax hair cosmetics, PLN 20

Biovax totally offers products with a good price-quality relationship. They offer shampoos, oils, masks and conditioners. Depending on your needs, you can go for products for dry, weak, or damaged hair. You can see the results after the first use. Conditioners that work in 60 seconds are a total hit – they’re perfect for when we don’t have time and still want to look good. Biovax is available not only in pharmacies, but also in drugstores, like Hebe in Poland.

27. Keratolytic Oillan Med shampoo, PLN 16,9

If you have a problem with dandruff and itchy skin, this shampoo is totally for you. It blocks the production of yeast, reduces the excess of sebum, normalizes the process of exfoliation. It moisturizes the skin of your head and doesn’t over-dry it at the same time, which, unfortunately, happens quite often in case of such cosmetics.

28. Nizoral anti-dandruff shampoo, PLN 17,40

A total classic! Nizoral, the dandruff fighter! If only something starts happening on your head – don’t hesitate – run to the nearest pharmacy and get Nizoral! It doesn’t require long descriptions as it’s so efficient that 1000 words couldn’t describe it 😉

29. Farmona Jantar hair mist, PLN 7,90

Some people love it, others simply hate it. If I were you, I’d test it, as the supporters claim that it has no equals. Order it online, as it tends to be pretty hard to get in regular pharmacies. It moisturizes, nourishes the skin, and, on top of that, it smells amazing!

23. HAIR MASK Palmers | 24. SHAMPOO Biovax | 25. CONDITIONER Biovax | 26. MASK Biovax
27. SHAMPOO Oillan | 28. SHAMPOO Nizoral | 29. MIST Farmona


30. Dermosan cream, PLN 17,96

Dermosan is a cream of elderly ladies, our moms used to rub it into our cheeks in winter to protect them from wind. I get it simply for the smell, which reminds me the carefree times of primary school. It also stays on the face for a long time. Winter is coming, so check their sunscreen limited edition with beautiful snowflakes on the pack.

31. Iwostin light cream, PLN 19,30

As I already mentioned above, one should use sunscreen in winter as well. You don’t need as high sun protection as in the summer, but you also shouldn’t resign from using them at all. This light Iwostin cream is perfect to apply as a make-up base and can be used by people with dry and mixed skin.

32. SPF 50 Flos-lek cream, PLN 14,99

If you decide to go skiing in winter, remember that sun protection should be as strong as it is in the summer, especially if your complexion is fair. SPF 50 is a total must have. The Flos-lek cream is thick, oily, and protects the face form frost and wind.

33, 34 Frost Lips i Oillan Winter lipbalms, PLN 5

Protect your skin from low temperatures, make sure to kiss inside and never lick your lips when you’re on a walk 😉 A lipbalm doesn’t need to be expensive, but if you get it now, remember that you’ll probably also be using it in winter, so it’s good to get a more oily winter version 😉

35. Flos-lek winter hand cream, PLN 7,99

As we’re all getting ready for winter, we should remember to never leave home with wet hands and no cream on. Even if you wear gloves, make sure to use some handcream. Otherwise the skin will get dry and might get frost-bitten.

30. CREAM Dermosan | 31. CREAM Iwostin | 32. CREAM Flos-Lek | 33. LIPBALM Frost
34. LIPBALM Oillan | 35. HAND CREAM Flos-Lek