The guests of Paris Fashion Week SS2018 went for transparencies mixed with leather, Chanel accessories, the famous French minimalism once again. Check out the looks that I opted for during Paris Fashion Week!

This year’s Paris Fashion Week, as always, gathered a crowd of editors, bloggers, stylists, photographers, and all fashion passionates who know that Paris is a full-blooded capital of fashion. The streets were full of lace, transparencies, and pearl necklaces, referring to Chanel style. Metallic shine and mysterious garden were also a very popular trend. I decided to go for my own version of Parisian chic. My looks feature patent leather, red, and details that’ll rule the upcoming season. Check the details out!

DAY 1.

On the first day of fashion week I went for a look full of contrasts. I teamed the satin fancy-sleeved envelope blouse with lace pants, and wore a faux-fur indigo vest on top. I completed the look with a shiny holographic purse and a hairstyle so typical for Parisiennes – a nonchalant bun 😉


1. VEST Twinest | 2. BLOUSE Elisabetta Franchi | 2. JEWELRY By Dziubeka
3. PANTS Patrizia Pepe | 4. SHOES DeeZee | 5. PURSE Sabrina Pilewicz | 6. SHOES Asos


1. VEST | 2. BLOUSE TheCover | 3. PANTS Nife | 4. STILETTOS Sergio Bardi

DAY 2.

On the second day I went for French minimalism in a #MacademianStyle edition. It turned out that color-blocking is the best way of drawing streetstyle photographers’ attention 😉 I wore a blue coat over a simple yellow dress and completed the look with pink stilettos and vintage pearl earrings.


1. COAT Merella | 2. DRESS Roberta Biagi | 3. EARRINGS Lanvin | 4. PURSE Patrizia Pepe
5. SHOES Baldowski


1. SRESS Kiomi | 2. COAT Polka | 3. STILETTO SANDALS New Look | 4. EARRINGS Mango

DAY 3.

On the third day I consciously reached for the most trendy items of the fall. A romantic Rodarte-show-like blouse, a pearl pencil skirt and a short-sleeved golden jacket created a coherent look, which perfectly corresponds with the architecture of Paris. Retro wallpaper-like laced boots are the most important items of the whole outfit. Tres chic! 😉


1. BLOUSE Patrizia Pepe | 2. VEST Laurel | 3. SKIRT River Island | 4. TOREBKA Cochinelle
5. SHOES Elisabetta Franchi


1. BOMBER JACKET bonprix | 2. SKIRT Orsay | 3. BLOUSE bonrpix | 4. ANKLE BOOTS Dorothy Perkins
5. EARRINGS Sweet Deluxe

DAY 4.

On the fourth day of fashion week I wore a feisty (but still elegant!) look. The rock character of the patent dress is eased by the floral blouse, patterned shoes, and lavish jewelry. I decided to wear a red coat, which made the look seem even more expressive 😉


1. COAT Simple | 2. BLOUSE Rinascimento | 3. SKIRT Pinko | 3. PURSE Patrizia Pepe
4. SHOES Topshop | 5. EARRINGS Lanvin | 6. BRACELETS By Dziubeka | 7. RINGS Parfois


1. BLOUSE Miss Selfridge | 2. SKIRT Missguided | 3. COAT Veromoda | 4. SANDALS Bebo

DAY 5.

On the fifth day I decided to treat fashion with a pinch of salt 😉 The mix of items (a dress worn over tartan pants) and patterns (I combined two different types of check) created a miraculous whole, completed by me with a belt in the waist, a “cat-like” hat and a witty flamingo purse. After all, fashion week is all about fashion, isn’t it? I couldn’t imagine reaching for boredom! 😉


1. DRESS Luisa Spagnoli | 2. SHIRT DreamTrend |  3. PANTS Twinset
4. HAT Rinascimento | 5. EARRINGS Sweet Deluxe  | 6. SHOES Sarenza  | 7. BELT bonprix
8. BRACELETS By Dziubeka | 9. PURSE Asos


1. DRESS The Cover | 2. PANTS The Glovestar | 3. SLIPPERS Dorothy Perkins | 4. HAT Celapiu
5. BELT Kiomi | 6. EARRINGS Cloe

DAY 6.

On the sixth day of fashion week my look was full of by strong colors and oversize. I’m sure that the pink pencil skirt and the loose bomber jacket with lavish stones would also be fancied by style icons – Hailey Baldwin and Bella Hadid 😉 


1. BOMBER JACKET & SKIRT Valentin Yudashkin | 2. PURSE Patrizia Pepe
3. EARRINGS & BRACELETS By Dziubeka | 4. SUNNIES Forever 21 | 5. SHOES DeeZee


1. BOMBER JACKET Cocoon | 2. SKIRT bonprix | 3. STILETTOS New Look | 4. SUNNIES H&M

DAY 7.

On the seventh day I went for a Balenciaga-like look (from when it was still under Demma Gvasali’s creative eye ;)). The orange and pink jacket combines retro style with futuristic character, but set with simple pants and metallic ankle boots will be a great choice not only as a fashion week look.


1. COAT & PANTS Valentin Yudashkin | 2. SHOES DeeZee


1. BLOUSE Distense | 2. PANTS bonprix | 3. STILETTO MULES New Look | 4. BELT Kiomi | 5. EARRINGS Cloe

DAY 8.

On the eighth day of fashion week I went for a graceful pair – a red trench (a total must have of every Parisienne) and a golden skirt. This set looks perfect accompanied by a cream blouse, shiny accessories and a smooth hairstyle 😉


1. COAT Simple | 2. TOP Max Mara | 3. SKIRT River Island
4. PURSE Coccinelle | 5. EARRINGS By Dziubeka | 6. NECKLACE Manilla Grace


1. SWEATER Topshop | 2. SKIRT Top Secret | 3. COAT New Look | 4. ANKLE BOOTS Dorothy Perkins |
5. NECKLACE Topshop