Many of us associate getting a coat with long hour spent in shops, sweating and ruining our budget. It so doesn’t have to be like that! Read my tips and I guarantee you – finding a new winter coat will be pure fun! 😉


The times when chain stores offered low quality clothes are slowly becoming history. The clients are getting more and more conscious, and the stores have to stand up to their expectations. Of course there’re still a lot of poor quality fabrics and items for one season only, but you can also come across great quality clothes. Look for these! It’s a bit like mushroom picking! 😉 Go to Zara or H&M, read the tags, and pick a coat which contains at least 30-40 % of wool (alpaca, or cashmere). The rest depends on your preferences. If you like to keep warm, make sure that the fabric consists of as many natural ingredients as possible. Don’t be scared of polyamide, it’ll make the coat more prone to all kinds of dirt and snags. Remember that a down jacket is the best choice for a frosty day, so if you’re buying a coat, go for something thinner! 😉

1. COAT Mint&Berry | 2. COAT Mango | 3. COAT Tilian | 4. COAT Topshop | 5. COAT And Less


You’ll surely be more reasonable in making your decisions sitting at home sipping your favorite coffee, than running all excited around a store. Check out what online stores have in stock! When you find the perfect coat, open your closet. Is it going to match at least 3 items in your collection? If so, go on, order it! 😉 Don’t be scared that it won’t fit or something. If you receive the coat and it turns out that it’s not your color, or the size is too big, you can easily return it. If you shop on Zalando you have 100 days to return the coat and… it’s totally free, including the shipping. If you shop on Answear, you can return the items within 30 days, and if you don’t feel comfortable doing it online, you can always return them in a traditional way, in a Medicine salon 😉


A woollen coat needs proper care, as it has a tendency of napping which causes ugly balls of fuzz around the armpits and pockets. I recently told you how I take care of my clothes (here) and today I’ll add an “dehairer” and a fabric shaver to my list. By the word “dehairer” I mean a regular IKEA glue roll, which looks a bit like a wall painting roll, but is perfect for fuzz-cleaning. The second one can be bought in a supermarket and is a total life-savior. It’s better to be safe than sorry, so make sure to dehair your clothes regularly 😉


Pamiętaj, że kupujesz coś, co będziesz nosić przez kilka sezonów. Musisz wziąć pod uwagę, że za rok czy dwa możesz odrobinę przybrać na wadze. Zastanów się jaką masz sylwetkę (pomoże Ci w tym mój quiz) i w których punktach zdarza Ci się przytyć. Jeśli w biodrach i udach, wybieraj modele do kolan, rozkloszowane na dole, jeśli w brzuchu – oversizowe. Dla sylwetek z masywnymi rękami i ramionami, najlepsze będą płaszcze z szalowymi kołnierzami i szerokimi rękawami. Remember that you’re making a purchase for a few seasons. You need to consider that you might put on some weight in a year or two. Make sure the coat corresponds with your body type (you’ll surely find my quiz helpful). Think about the parts of your body that are prone to putting on weight. If it’s your thighs and hips – go for knee-length flared coats. If it’s your belly – oversized ones. If your shoulders or arms are wider, go for scarf-like collars and wide sleeves.

1. COAT One More Story | 2. COAT Ivy & Oak  | 3. COAT Wallis 


The color of your coat should be universal, as you’re going to wear it with many items. It doesn’t mean that it has to be black or grey. Above all, make sure that it goes well with your complexion, eye color, and hair. Blondes usually look great in navy, blue and pastels. Brunettes rock in juicy colors: black, red, bottle green, fuchsia, cobalt. Redheads look stunning in orange, brown, nautical green. Take my seasonal color analysis test and find your color! Remember that if your closet is full of warm shades it might turn out that a blue coat won’t match anything you possess. And the other way round. Cool clothes don’t go that great with fiery red 😉