Shiny skinny pegs are immediately associated with latex costumes of comic books’ characters: Storm, Catwoman and Lady Mastermind. Such pants are daring and sexy, but they also work when worn in everyday life 😉 All you need to do is to pair them up with a modest woollen sweater, a faux-fur vest and – just like I did today – a floral shirt. This fashionable grey-and-claret shirt won my heart with the lace and and wide hippie sleeves. Patent leather pants and this oriental floral pattern turned out to be a perfect duet, which I spiced up with rock accessories. A mini corset that could be presented on the AW Self Portrait catwalks accentuates my waist even better than a regular belt, and the studded ankle boots and buckles in Givenchy style are a perfect alternative for stilettos, which could be too provocative paired up with THIS kind of pants. The outfit, enhanced with golden boho jewelry, is interesting enough to wear it to a fashion show, for example, but is also appropriate for a family celebration 😉 Have I finally found the perfect winter compromise? 😉 


1. BLOUSE River Island | 2. SHOES Bagott | 3. BELT River Island
4. LEGGINGS River Island |6. EARRINGS By Dziubeka



1. BLOUSE Mango | 2. LEGGINGS Bonprix | 3. ANKLE BOOTS Raid | 4. BELT New Look
5. NECKLACES Miss Selfridge