Amazing cosmetics, useful household appliances, apps and accessories that I totally ADORE. See the list of items that I had a chance to test throughout 2017 and which surprised me in a positive way. What would you put on the list? Let me know in the comments below!


There was a reason behind my taking part in the NIVEA Hairmilk cosmetics campaign. I simply LOVE them! 😉 The smell is amazing, they’re easy to use (just spray the conditioner over your wet or dry hair) and the hair becomes instantly softer, not to mention its improved condition, which was even noticed by my hairdresser! 😉 I appreciate NIVEA thinking about everyone – the product can is available for thin, normal and thick hair, and can help you create every look one could think of. Click HERE to see the inspiring looks that I created for the campaign.

1. HAIRBRUSH Bumble and Bumble | 2. HAIRBRUSH Tangle Teezer


I love it when my life shines, and now I’m able to do it… LITERALLY! 😉 The KiraKira+ App „catches” and boosts the shine of the brightest spots of your picture/video. The app’s used by the most popular Instagrammers and stars, including Rosie Huntington-Witheley. You can use the KiraKira+ effect both on already existing pictures, as well as on newly recorded footage. The app costs only USD 0.99. What other apps to I use? Check my article HERE.

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An express conditioner, a brilliant app, and a set of purses… My biggest discoveries of 2017 are simple, handy, and surprise with simplicity!


In 2017 I was not only developing my hobbies (I started climbing! 😉 ), but also cared for my health. One of the best decisions I could have made was to take DNA tests. They helped me find out what food I should avoid, what illnesses I am most prone to, and even… which sports I can do 😉 The tests are a bit pricy (around 1000$), but you take them only once in your life. You can find out more about DNA tests in my July Favorites vlog below.


When I first saw this trend on Valentino and Dsquared2 catwalks I knew that carrying two purses at the same time will be my personal must have 😉 Finally, as the head shine lover of the country, I don’t have to think: “The bigger, or the smaller one?” Now I can have them all! 😉 I decided to test this trend during the Milan Fashion Weekthe two patterned models that I went for were a perfect final touch to the simple turtleneck and pant looks, drawing street photographers’ attention. What else did I wear during the Milan and Paris fashion weeks? You’ll check it HERE and HERE.


This year, encouraged by great opinions, I decided to test Samsung Galaxy S8. I have to admit that at the beginning I found it  a bit hard to switch to Android. It soon turned out to be a very easy thing to do, and the Samsung surprised me in a very positive way! What I love most about it is that it takes better pictures than… iPhoneX, which I have now! 😉 My biggest dream? An iOS phone with a Samsung camera. Can you here me up there? 😀


Creative cosmetics that provide a perfectly clean skin? It’s definitely a choice for me! 😉 I’ve been a fan of Korean beauty treatments for a long time now, but ever since Polish drugstores started offering sheet masks (see my favorite ones HERE), I reach for them regularly. I’ve been reviewing my favorite items of 2017 on the blog regularly. I collected more info on Korean beauty treatments in my article. Read on and fall in love with these cosmetics!

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4. FACEMASK Dr Jart+ | 5. COOLING EYE-STICK Tony Moly | 6. BUBBLING SOAP Caolion 


I already told you why I love the Foreo brush in My Morning Routine and in my How I Got Rid of Acne vlog. Let me say it once again: The Luna Mini 2 brush is one of my best investments. It cleans your face perfectly, helps you get rid of blackheads, boosts blood circulation, and, on top of that, can be cleaned only with soap and water! It’s small, so I take it with me both on holiday as well as on business trips 😉


Subtle and elegant, they’re a perfect accessory for literally every look: an office style shirt blouse, up to dungarees worn at the weekends. 2017 totally belonged to fine chains and necklaces that I worn a set of, teaming them with bigger geometric rings. They looked amazing in the summer on a tanned skin, and will make your winter sweaters shine in winter. They’re a great solution for girls who are been great fans of jewelry.

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My story with the app started a bit accidentally. I downloaded the app because I wanted to see what they offer, and then it turned out that ordering a taxi with its help is way easier than calling one. When it turned out that my taxi thought of fashionistas and gave -50% off all rides during Milan fashion week, I realized I am IN LOVE! MyTaxi lets you order a cab with as little effort as two clicks, and they guarantee you a comfortable ride with elegant cars and a lot of nice promotions. You can read more about apps that make your life more simple IN THIS ARTICLE.


My team practically consists of women only – I love working with them. They’re also the best source of knowledge on beauty novlties that I might have accidentally missed (even if I follow the cosmetic market regularly 😉 ). Marta, with whom I work, recommended a thermal hairturban. Today, after I had a chance to test it for some time, I can honestly say: You should also get one 😉 The Hair Spa Turban is equipped with changeable fillers, which can be warmed up in a microwave, for example, or in a pot with hot water. It’s a perfect booster for hairmasks, conditioners, and haircare oils. It’s surely one of my favorite discoveries of the year. You’ll get it online, here, for example.

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7. SHAMPOO Bumble and Bumble | 8. HAIR POWDER Bumble and Bumble