What exactly should the perfect dress look like? It needs to shine, stand out, be sexy, and fit your body perfectly. And, above all, you need to feel good wearing it 😉 Today I prepared 33 dresses for you to pick the perfect one from! They’re all stunning and reasonably priced! Read on!

1. DRESS Dorothy Perkins | 2. DRESS Only | 3. DRESS Topshop | 4. DRESS Mango
5. DRESS River Island | 6. DRESS Topshop | 7. DRESS Forever 21 | 8. DRESS Fashion Union


For whom? For brave fans of juicy colors. For girls of body type H, I, F, and X (check your body type HERE).

What to wear it with? It literally screams for cobalt stilettos! 😉 And a same colored clutch, like this one, and shiny earrings.


For whom? Asymmetry is great for girls with a small waistline (Hs and Is). This amazing shade of green matches almost every seasonal color type.

What to wear it with? Blondes can cool it down a little by wearing stilettos and accessories, brunettes can spice it up by fuchsia, and redheads warm it up with gold.


For whom? Thick straps will look great accompanied by wide shoulders and the nicely accentuated waist will be perfect for the feminine curves of Xes.

What to wear it with? It’s always best to pick one or two colors from the dress and “transfer” them to the accessories (read more on combining colors in looks here). I’d team it with blue stilettos and a golden clutch 😉


For whom? For girls who put class and elegance first. This dress isn’t too sexy, but it certainly has this certain something, which makes it hard to stop looking at. It’s perfect for the curves of As and Xs.

What to wear it with? With these heavenly black sandals and a colorful clutch. And shiny earrings 😉

Have you already seen by prom lookbook?


For whom? For intense seasonal color types – shine and pure shade of silver look best on winter brunettes (check which seasonal color type you are here). Asymmetry, so well – Hs and Is! 😉

What to wear it with? Go all in! Choose option #1, team it with fuchsia boots and a silver purse 😉


For whom? For romantics who like to play it sexy 😉 The color might be subtle, yet the cut… soo cool! 😉 This dress will look great both on blondes as well as brunettes.

What to wear it with? If you’re a brunette, team it with black and navy; if you’re a blonde, go for gold and silver. Your accessories should be delicate, so that they don’t „overwhelm“ the gauzy dress.


For whom? For those of you whose waist is perfect. This dress will accentuate it, hiding the unnecessary pounds in that area.

What to wear it with? It’s a simple dress which gives you tones of possibilities. You can go for silver stilettos and a clutch, a burgundy total look, or multicolor accessories, like this clutch or these earrings. Burgundy looks amazing with red, blue and gold.


For whom? If it’s oversize, it’s a good choice for those of you who’d like to hide some additional pounds around their waist. The dress is backless, yet covers the front of the body. This „trick“ is perfect if you have a small bust.

What to wear it with? This dress looks great with ankle or over-the-knee boots. If you feel like accentuating the legs and making them look as long as possible, go for stiletto sandals.

1. DRESS Mango | 2. DRESS Mohito | 3. DRESS Missguided | 4. DRESS Orsay
5. DRESS Missguided | 6. DRESS River Island | 7. DRESS Missguided | 8. DRESS Only


For whom? When I look at this dress I immediately see the carnival in Rio. If it’s totally you (and you also happen to have amazingly long legs) – this is a dress for you 😉

What to wear it with? The only right option in this case are silver or golden stiletto sandals (like these) and circle earrings.


For whom? For As and Xs, who’d like to mask their hips a bit, and for boyish Hs, to make them look a bit more girly, for petite FS, who’d like to accentuate their subtleness.

What to wear it with? If it’s an evening gown, there’s no other option than to go for red accessories! Apart from the obvious choice of a red lipstick, I also advise wearing a bit of that color on the slippers (like these) or clutch.


For whom? For petite Fs and Xs. It’ll accentuate your curves and expose your perfect legs.

What to wear it with? With delicate accessories. A pair of golden earrings will do. If you want to accentuate the splendor effect, get a tiny clutch and sandals.

Remember that you can come to the event wearing boots and change them later for sandals. Winter and frost don’t only have to rule each other out 😉


For whom? Above all for As, as it’ll accentuate your nice arms, masking your hips at the same time.

What to wear it with? You know me, I’d simply go for more colors 😉 Add a colorful jewel necklace, violet stilettos and a pink lipstick. It’s a party after all 😉


For whom? Some irregular patterns for Hs and Is. An accentuated waist for an X. Contrasting color combinations for brunettes.

What to wear it with? If you’re a delicate blonde or a redhead autumn, add some gold and pink stilettos. If you’re a brunette – black boots will be a perfect option.


For whom? For all girls with beautiful shoulders who love this type of dresses. Off shoulder is still in!

What to wear it with? With stilettos that shine with s thousand colors (like these here) and a clutch on a chain.


For whom? For Os and Hs. For girls who like to show their legs. For all seasonal color types.

What to wear it with? The dress is so colorful and characteristic that you simply need classic black sandals and a navy clutch. Unless, just like me, you love colors and decide to go for purple stilettos 😉


For whom? If Kate Middleton was attending a party, she’d probably go for this dress 😉 If you’re a fan of her style, you should definitely consider wearing this one. It also masks bigger hips, so it’s a perfect choice for As and Xs.

What to wear it with? With delicate golden sandals and a clutch encrusted with stones. If you feel like making it a bit more colorful, I recommend bottle-green, sapphire and powder pink.

1. DRESS New Look | 2. DRESS New Look | 3. DRESS Missguided | 4. DRESS Dorothy Perkins
5. DRESS Missguided | 6. DRESS Missguided | 7. DRESS Zara | 8. DRESS Zara


For whom? Above all, fort all girls, as this pattern will make you seem shorter. The folds make the hips a bit wider, which is a good option for Is, Hs and Ys.

What to wear it with? With a gigantic jewel necklace and fluorescent pink stilettos.


For whom? A great choice for girls with nice shoulders and beautiful legs.

What to wear it with? The dress actually exposes a lot of body, so if you fear that you might not feel comfortable, go for a long jacket – a navy, purple or a pink one. Don’t button it 😉


For whom? For long-legged Ys, curvy Xs and short Fs. For blondes, brunettes and redheads 😉

What to wear it with? Blondes can wear it with pastels – powder stilettos, and pistachio earrings. If you are a brunette, I recommend contrasts – how about a navy clutch and canary yellow stilettos? Redheads will look best in oranges.


For whom? The perfect dress for an H – it’ll create a waistline and make the body seem more curvy.

What to wear it with? Tie a smooth bun, use eyeliner, and wear silver stilettos. Ballet perfection 😉


For whom? For those of you who don’t fear that others might think you’re naked 😀 But enough with the jokes. It’s a nice choice for redheads – a warm shade of nude gold is totally your color!

What to wear it with? I love the combination of this shade with silver. Wear these earrings with silver stilettos. I guarantee you – you’ll rock the party!


For whom? For those of you who’d like to accentuate their waist. For ultrafeminine girls with big busts.

What to wear it with? With pink over-the-knee boots and a colorful clutch. Go for some fuchsia lipstick. Pure perfection!


For whom? For those of you who like to look sexy, but prefer not to show their legs. As will look great in this one.

What to wear it with? Lace can be combined with “strong” accessories. Black wedged sandals and a biker jacket? The perfect choice! 😉 If you don’t want it to seem too sad, go for maroon earrings.


For whom? For the beautifully-legged ones 😀 If you also have a few additional pounds on your waist, this dress will deal with them perfectly. The folds mask everything perfectly.

What to wear it with? You can go for a metallic total look – just add some silver stilettos and a silver clutch. You can also go a different way and go for sapphire ankle boots and a colorful clutch 😉

1. DRESS Missguided | 2. DRESS Only | 3. DRESS Forever 21 | 4. DRESS Missguided
5. DRESS Zara | 6. DRESS New Look | 7. DRESS Forever 21 | 8. DRESS Forever 21
9. DRESS New Look


For whom? For girls who want to make themselves seem bigger. We all say a lot about making ourselves slimmer, yet everyone is rather withdrawn when it comes to making it the other way round. And actually, very slim women also need creative options. And that dress is one! 😉 Big geometric patterns make you look optically bigger, yet not less curvy at the same time. What more does one need? 😉

What to wear it with? With white stilettos. A bit controversial, yet well… nothing ventured, nothing gained, right? Add some big silver earrings and you’re ready to head to a party! 😉


For whom? This color is amazingly universal. We’d all look stunning in it. The dress would look totally amazing on an X, though. Hs and Is can wear it with long jackets.

What to wear it with? With red, if you want to look „hot“, with nudes, to make it look delicate, and with red, if you want to look like a fully-fleshed Parisienne 😉


For whom? These colors are perfect for… redheads! 😉 OK, for tanned winters as well 😉

What to wear it with? With nude stilettos and clutches, bottle green and deep maroon. Lavish Moroccan or Indian embellishments would also look nice (how about these sandals?).


For whom? It seems perfect fort all and slim Is. The sleeves make people notice the bottom part of your body, which makes you a few inches shorter. It’s also perfect for an X, as the waist is nicely accentuated.

What to wear it withLet’s liven the color up a bit! Go for red stilettos, golden earrings, and a colorful clutch!


For whom? For leopard print fans. For girls of body type O or Y, as it’s a great way to hide a belly 😉

What to wear it with? With red stilettos. Or go all classy and pick black ones. You can also go all crazy and wear it with over-the-knee boots (like these here).


For whom? Beautiful nautical colors for blue-eyed girls. Ideal for the perfect figure, as unfortunately, this one can’t mask anything 😉

What to wear it with? With delicately subdued colors, like with wine-colored boots, or with silver stilettos. If you go for too strong shades, they might make the dress disappear. Make sure to apply some red or orange lipstick.


For whom? For those of you whose waist is not that visible – the frills will do their job, but also for curvy Xs, as the belt will nicely accentuate the waist. This dress is simply beautiful!

What to wear it with? The first item I think about are delicate nude sandals (like these here), but don’t limit yourself 😉 Violet, burgundy, gold… Golden stilettos and big golden earrings – that’s definitely it!


For whom? For the perfect body. Just like in the case of the nautical-colored dress, it’ll be hard to try to conceal anything wearing this one. If you’ve been going tot hey gym (or exercising at home ;)) and eating healthy – that’s your reward 😉

What to wear it with? In a super sexy edition – with silver boots and a huge jewel necklace. A bit more girly? How about pink stilletos and a silver clutch? 😉 Go for a long double breasted jacket. Remember to pick the right underwear (or some substitutes ;)) This article will help you choose the perfect one!


For whom? For those of you who’d like to make their hips more visible, who like to shine, yet are not fans of juicy colors.

What to wear it with? With silver, to accentuate the gauziness of the dress. With violet, pink, if you want to make it look even more girly. With navy and red, to warm the atmosphere up a bit 😉