Some have to work they way through life, others become millionaires before they even turn 20. Check which stars turned 20 while already having a lot of money and find out how they managed to do that. What do you think, do they all deserve it, or were they simply lucky? Share your opinions in the comments!


She signed her first contract when she was 14 and became the youngest artist to collaborate with Sony/ATV Tree. The star’s first album, released in 2005, immediately made it to become number 5 on the prestige Billboard 200 list. Taylor’s estimated to be in possession of 200 mln dollars, yet – and, up to now, it hasn’t gone to her head. She often says that people should share their fortune and that there’re moments in life when everything you need to be happy is a milkshake, fries, and your mom 😉


The golden boy of showbusiness got discovered on… Youtube. He was lucky from the very beginning and got to work with great managers. His first EP got the status of a platinum album, from which as much as 7 songs made it to Billboard 100. Bieber has been announced one of the best-earning celebrities by Forbes. Everything he does only multiplies his fortune. The mean ones claim that he doesn’t know what to do with his money anymore. He’s recently been said to have transferred millions of dollars to a sect that he’s a member of. Do you think that Selena will help him settle down? 😉


1. ALBUM Justin Bieber | 2. ALBUM Taylor Swift


Well, describing her story as a controversial one is… simply not enough 😉 Kylie is the daughter of Bruce Jenner (who changed his gender and became Caitlyn) and Kris Jenner, and also a step sister of Kim Kardashian. She became a star in 2007, when she appeared in “Keeping with the Kardashians”, and then decided to have a lips surgery, which completely changed the way her face looks. Kyle makes a lot of money on her brands: Kylie+Kendall, or Kylie Cosmetics. Recently everyone’s speculating if she’s pregnant, and the celebrity keeps heating the atmosphere up by avoiding paparazzi and not publishing her recent photos on her social media. I wonder how much money she’d want for the pics of her first child 😉

Money doesn’t need to change people. Even stars who earn millions are happy to eat fries with their moms. 


He was literally born to succeed. Right after his 6th birthday he was discovered by an agent, and everything he’s touched ever since becomes gold 😉 When he was only 13 he started a band together with his brothers – Joe and Kevin, which officially stopped performing in 2013. Nick doesn’t need to worry about his future, though – he’s already saved a lot of money 😉 People say that he’s been recently spending his time accompanied by a 30 years older actress, Demi Moore. Do you think that these gossips are true? 😀

1. SHOES Kendall + Kylie | 2. LIPBALM Nars | 3. SHOES Kendall + Kylie | 4. ALBUM Jonas L.A.


Selena Gomez is 26 already, but she earned her first million long before she turned 20. She worked for it really hard, debuting on stage in the age of 7. Today Selena has starred in many movies, recorded a couple of albums, and.. has even more money on her account 😉 Even though she doesn’t need to worry about her savings, she has other things to worry about – allegedly her mom hasn’t still accepted the fact that she came back with her ex-boyfriend, Justin Bieber.


She became popular thanks to the role of Hannah Montana when she was 14. She decided that she wanted to be an actress when she was 8 and her dad took her to see Mamma Mia!. Today she’s one of the most controversial and recognizable celebrities, who earned millions for starring in shows. When she was done with this well-paid adventure, she rebelled and went for scandalous looks. Today she finally grew up – she’s said to have married Liam Hemsworth with whom she’s planning a baby.



Only one event influenced about her giant income: winning the Harry Potter casting all those years ago. The movies, just like the books, have turned out to be a complete success, also a financial one. Today Emma invests her money cleverly – she’s one of those stars whom it’s hard to meet doing luxury shopping or partying. She recently said: “If I were to choose I’d choose a decent husband. It’d be amazing to win Oscars and get amazing parts, yet it’s nothing when you don’t have family and friends. What’s success, if you don’t have anyone to share it with?”. Do you agree with her? 😉 You can read more about Emma’s success in my 5 Celebrities that Changed into Beauty Queens article.

1. ALBUM Selena Gomez | 2. ALBUM Selena Gomez | 3. ALBUM Miley Cyrus
4. MOVIE Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire