You get bored with trends pretty fast and have a feeling that everything’s passe already? Time to interpret fashion on your own! Just like I’ve been doing… for 28 years now! 😀 I don’t like to copy what I’ve already seen during fashion shows or on my well-dressed friends. I always make sure to adapt the trends that I like to my own aesthetics. This time I decided to mix patterns, but I also kept it classy, as I had a business meeting that day 😉 I teamed a houndstooth patterned coat with a striped envelope dress and a loose woolen vest which looks like an Isabel Marant design 😉 The colors make the look perfectly coherent – black, pink, and steel gray. The musketeer boots are a very distinctive accessory. The jewelry is big and expressive – that’s what I like most. A golden chain and a golden watch are enough in this case, especially that the golden belt also does its job. Such a look deserves a proper hairstyle. Subtle boho waves (check where this trend comes from HERE), it’ll be perfect 😉


COAT  | SWEATER Sisley | DRESS Sisley | NECKLACE Manila Grace | SHOES DeeZee
JEWELRY By Dziubeka



1. DRESS Lala Ikai | 2. VEST Lanti | 3. MUSKETEERS Carini | 4. BELT Ivyrevel
5. NECKLACE Cloe | 6. EARRINGS Miss Selfridge