I recently shared with you how I stick to my New Year’s resolutions. Remember that making your dreams come true isn’t yet another duty, but, above all – great fun! This time I approached the matter with a pinch of salt. Take my test and check what to change in your life in order to be… happier!


One of your New Year’s resolutions was to join the gym or start jogging. Let’s fast forward – it’s the first Saturday of February. Where are you?
A. Valentine’s Day in two weeks!!! I need to find a present for my Honey-Bunny!
B. I’m warming up before a marathon. My goal: 52 minutes!
C. I’m in my bed watching a movie. I’m not gonna have a model’s body anyway.
D. I’m on a Spanish course. One of my resolutions was to learn Spanish.
E. I was going to the gym in January, but those girls kept staring at my legs….
F. Pff… Of course I’ll go. In a month or two even Deynn will wish she had my legs.


There’s a meeting with your favorite blogger during the upcoming weekend. You’d like to ask him/her how to start writing. Your friend tries to take you to a Star Wars marathon though. What’s your decision?
A. I go to the cinema. She would never go alone.
B. I tell my friend why I’m busy that day and encourage her to come with me.
C. There’re so many bloggers who’d like to succeed… I’d prefer to watch Star Wars for the 100th time.
D. It takes a lot of time to make the decision for me. In the end I run out of the meeting and come late to the movies.
E. I’d love to go to the meeting, yet I’m afraid my friend will be angry with me ;(
F. I’m going to the meeting. I’m curious how they got 1 mln followers on Instagram 😉


You managed to save some money after Christmas. What do you do with it?
A. I get a new game for my brother. The one that he’s always dreamt of. And I help my sister buy the pair of jeans she’s always wanted to have.
B. I put the many on a long-term deposit.
C. I spend it all on shopping.
D. Nothing – I’d like to learn how to dive, but I also need some money to go to Paris. And… I need a new coat.
E. I wanted to get a new phone, but my mom’s going to say that I spend my money on stupid stuff.
F. I get the shoes that my friend is dreaming about. She’ll be so jealous!


Your favorite app is…
A. WhatsApp – I like to keep in touch with my friends.
B. Endomondo and Google calendar.
C. Snapchat. I use it all the time.
D. Pinterest. I save pictures that inspire me. I’ve got thousands of them, but I don’t have time to look through them.
E. Facebook, but I don’t post anything.
F. INSTAGRAM! I hate all that artificial posing.


What do you do in your free time?
A. I help my friend pack for a trip. Then I need to write a motivational letter for my brother.
B.  Gym, shopping, dinner, which’ll take to work with me on the next day, book, and bed, as I’m waking up at 6 AM.
C. I scroll through Facebook.
D. I’m running from my sewing class to creative writing course.
E. I’m learning how to play the guitar. I don’t feel like it, but I already told everyone that I’ll learn how to do it.
F. I’m on the phone with my best friend until midnight – life’s so unfair! I’d also like to be a fitness star, but I don’t have time to do it :/


What’s your life motto?
A.  The happiness of other people is more important. I’ll manage.
B. Just Do It!
C.  I don’t have one. I’ve never thought about it.
D. I’ve got like a thousand of them in my notebook.
E. Can I have two?
F. I don’t need any quotes.

Most answers:


You should start thinking about yourself more often. It’s great that you care for everyone around you, but you shouldn’t forget about your own needs. If your close ones get used to you always making a sacrifice for them, they’ll start using you to their advantage. Help your siblings or friends, but let them know that you have your own goals and won’t always be able to put their  issues first. It’ll make others respect you, and you’ll achieve your goals more quickly.

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Actually, you don’t have to change everything. You approach every task professionally – you’re always well-prepared and have a lot of power to act. Don’t forget that making your dreams come true is above all about… fun 😉 A kid’s joy for life that will accompany you everyday will help you avoid the “burnout” and, as a result – you’ll be more happy.

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Get motivated! No wonder that you get all discouraged if you keep assuming that you won’t succeed anyway. Get inspired and keep reminding yourself how you’ll feel when you make your dream come true. If you lack the power, talk to your friend, or a personal coach. Every method is good to finally get down to work! 😉


Think what it is that you really want to achieve and focus on one goal. You tend to be distracted, because, as always, you’re trying to kill too many birds with one stone 😉 Unfortunately it’s a very short-term solution. If you’ll keep focusing on many hobbies at once, you’ll end up tired and unhappy, and the goal will be harder to reach. Remember: one thing at a time!


Stop worrying what others might think. My favorite rule sounds: NOONE WILL LIVE YOUR LIFE FOR YOU. You know what goals you have, what to spend your pocketmoney on, and what is it that you like most. Don’t let anyone tell you that your dreams are stupid and don’t make sense. They’re your treasure, a beautiful and great one. If you find it hard to face other people’s critique, don’t brag about joining a yoga class or taking drums lessons. People will notice anway 😉

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Work on your positive attitude – it’ll help you make your dreams come true! 😉 If you keep being jealous about other people’s success, criticizing everything and everyone around, while being sure that you’re always right, you’ll find it hard even to VERBALIZE your goal. Why should one dream if nothing makes sense anyway? 😉 Just smile and ask a successful friend what they do to achieve their goals 😉