If you’ve been embarrassed to wear shapewear thinking that it’s ugly and makes you look like an old lady, you totally need to check this article out. Let me prove that you’ve been wrong 😉 I selected amazingly colorful models for you and explained how to wear them in a sexy way. Read on!


This is an item that I recommend to those of you who are struggling with some additional pounds on their belly 😉 A bodysuit can be worn underneath a blouse, or as a top with a double breasted jacket, for example. You’ll read more about bodysuits in this article. Bodysuits look great with a giant jewel necklace, or earrings – check out my winter must haves below! 😉

1. BODYSUIT Pakuten | 2. BODYSUIT Spanx | 3. BODYSUIT Triumph

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A slim waist has become the synonym of young age, beauty, and social states in the middle of the 16th century. Trying to get the perfect waist has caused many ladies faint and not be able to move in the Victorian era. Not being able to move proved the lady’s wealth. It meant that she didn’t have to do any housework. Luckily those times are over and we wear corsets and waist shapers only when we want to. They’re a good option to go for if you’re attending an important event, especially if your body type is an A, or X, but it’ll also make an H look more curvy. Wear them when you feel like shapening your waist and flattening your belly. A combination of an ultrasexy pink corset and a men’s like jacket is totally stunning! 😉

4. CORSET Mitex | 5. CORSET Astratex | 6. BELT Maidenform 


The word „slip” brings old movie stars to my mind: Marilyn Monroe, Rita Hayworth, and Elisabeth Taylor. It must be the most feminine, sexy and delicate part of the wardrobe. Did you know that you can get a special task edition? It makes your waist, thighs and hips slimmer. And it’s perfect for plus size girls. If you’re not a fan of your hips and thighs (it’s quite common for Xs and As), get a so-called “half-slip” – it’ll be perfect to wear on a daily basis, underneath your pencil skirt.

7. SLIP Maidenform | 8. HALF-SLIP Magic Bodyfashion | 9. SLIP Triumph

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I gave you some tips on attending a small and big bust in this article. Now let me just remind you that bras that have a mission can also be beautiful! If your breasts are small, you have a wide choice of bras. The problem starts when you have an E cup and bigger. You often complain that you have to wear “armours”, and all of them are nude or white. Well. Keep searching, and you’ll find real gems like this one here. Remember that stores offer embellished straps that look amazingly good with deep cleavages (check this one out). If you still haven’t found the perfect bra, you can always have one made. Really! There’re companies that do it professionally. Check out Bouduar.


We all remember Bridget Jones’s cult panties. Beige, loose, and well… not that hot. Unfortunately that’s what most of us see when they think of shapewear, while there’re actually really beautiful pairs available in stores (take a look at this one, for example). If you’ve recently had a baby, or are simply scared that your belly won’t look the same after having eaten a meal at a party – don’t even hesitate! This floral Triumph set is so pretty that it could be worn underneath a transparent dress 😉 If you want your butt to look sexy, there’s nothing more simple. Get push-up panties, like these here 😉 Pay attention to the fabric and quality. Spandex is responsible for elasticity, so the more of it the fabric contains, the slimmer you will seem. Make sure not to overdo it, though. Stretch jeans contain only 2%, so 10% is enough when it comes to briefs. You need to feel comfy even during the summer. If you feel like taking the panties of the second you put them on, it means that they’re either a bad choice, or you’re not wearing them properly 😉 Make sure that your skin doesn’t “get out” on the sides. Walk around, sit down, grab something from the floor. Be comfortable.

Shhh…. Let me tell you a secret. If you want to be even more sexy in your shapewear, go for a fine necklace, like this one. Success guaranteed!

11. PANTIES Maidenform | 12. PANTIES Mitex | 13. PANTIES Triumph