It might seem that your only winter outfit option is a dark coat, black boots and a woole cap. You couldn’t be more wrong! With a creative attitude you’re totally able to come up with interesting looks. Today I’ll show you how to spice up your winter style for less than EUR 10. Ready? Let’s go!


The most simple and accessible method are caps and scarves. If your coat is dark and plain, wear it with a colorful patterned scarf, cap and gloves. They don’t have to be matching. If your coat is already patterned itself, the accessories can be plain, but make sure to go for juicy colors. Feel like playing with patterns? Wear polka dots with check, stripes with florals, and if you still don’t know what to team with what – check my article out. You’ll find it HERE.

1. CAP Doll | 2. BERET Even&Odd | 3. CAP Sublevel | 4. SCARF Vero Moda | 5. SCARF Kiomi


If you’re not a great fan of caps, as they damage your hairstyle or you simply can’t find the perfect one – check out headbands and earmuffs. Especially the latter ones bring an incredible vibe to the look – something between a little girl and an old movie star skiing in Aspen 😉 You can get inspired by Dolce&Gabbana and use beads, pearls, or sequins to embroider the muffs with. Glamour effect? Guaranteed! If you like original headpieces, you can wear a turban, which’ll look stunning with a woolen coat.

6. EARMUFFS Barts | 7. EARMUFFS Barts | 8. EARMUFFS Zara


Check how to tie the perfect turban below:


I very often go for tippets instead of scarves. Faux-fur ones, naturally. They can be plain or colorful. They look amazing when they’re lose on the neck or tucked with an embellished brooch – it’s a great idea for an elegant outfit, a theater or opera one, for example.

A tippet looks nice with a coat, but also can be worn on a sweater or blouse when you’re inside.

9. TIPPET Aliexpress | 10. TIPPET Aliexpress | IN THE PICTURE: TIPPET Aliexpress


One most often goes for boots in winter, but what’s the option if you prefer ankle boots? Go for warm socks, colorful tube socks, over-the-knees. They’ll keep the feet warm, livening the whole look up. If you wish to make your legs longer, try to go for a similar color scheme as your pants or tights (how about navy pegs and cobalt over-the-knees?). If you’re tall and skinny – go for patterned socks.

12. SOCKS Unabux | 13. SOCKS Camano | 14. OVER-THE-KNEES Aliexpress
15. OVER-THE-KNEES Aliexpress | 16. SOCKS Birkenstock


What would you say to wearing your jewel necklace on the coat? I’ve already given you some advice in THIS article. Wear bracelets on gloves, big earrings that can be seen from underneath your cap, elegant stripes on the coat around the waist… And if we’re talking about the coat, make sure to attach a few shiny broochs and pin one to your beret or cap. They’ll create an amazing and original pair. If you add some red lipstick, everyone will want to look like you 😉