You can apply cosmetics in many ways. Some of us use simply fingers, others – sponges or brushes. As I’m a great fan of the latter method, I decided to advise you how to use them. Ready? Let’s start! 😉


Remember that nicely moisturized skin is the base of every make-up. Make sure to use peelings systematically – check out the mango one that I described HERE and use moisturizers everyday (you’ll find my reasonably priced suggestions HERE). Only then will your skin be ready for any kind of make-up.

1. Beauty blender

Many of my friends use beauty blenders – special sponges in the shape of a tear. You just sprinkle it with water and “press” the foundation onto your skin. It’s way faster than using brushes, yet many doubt its hygienic aspect, and the sponges are hard to clean.

2. Angled brush

Brushes are simply easier to clean, that’s why they still have many fans. The middle-sized angled one is perfect for all kinds of foundations. You can pat the rest of the cosmetic into your skin using your fingers, which’ll make the make-up look more natural.

3. Fan brush

Created for foundations, but it’s a better choice to apply face masks, as if you use it for make-up, it doesn’t look that natural.

4. Mineral powder brush

This one should be round with thick and not too long hair. Move your hand in circles.

5. Concealer brush

A miniature version of the fan brush. It’s perfect to mask minor imperfections or eye shadows. It’s perfect if you’re using highlighter instead of concealer.

6, 7. Powder brush

You’ve applied the foundation, masked the imperfections, gotten rid of discolorations and eye shadows. It’s time to use some powder, which’ll prevent your skin from shining. You don’t need a specific brush for that – a regular big one to “sweep” your face is simply fine.

1. BEAUTY BLENDER | 2. BRUSH Marc Jacobs | 3. BRUSH Sisley | 4. BRUSH Sephora | 5. BRUSH Douglas
6. BRUSH Douglas | 7. BRUSH Guerlain


8. Fan brush

If you’ve applied too much product, this is the perfect solution to get rid of the excess of it. Simply sweep it off your face. It works only with dry products, though!

9, 10. Blush brushes

A small angled brush is designed to accentuate your cheekbones. It’s smaller than the one for regular powder, which makes it easier to contour with. Check them both if you want to find out which would be better for you.

11, 12. Bronzer brushes

Use bronzer on important occasions (a Saturday night party, for example :D), as it’s a bit too much work to apply it on a daily basis. Well, you can always apply it using the angled blush brush, but a slightly bigger and more round one will also be a good choice. It will allow you to spread the cosmetic more thoroughly, which’ll make your skin look as if it was “touched by the sun”.

My tip: apply bronzer on the both sides of your face, from your forehead down to your chin, making a digit 3 shape, just like on this picture. It’s the fastest and easiest way for perfect contouring.

13. Highlighter brush

Many use the fan brush for highlighter. If you want to get a very delicate and casual look, a brush with soft hair will be the best choice.

8. BRUSH Douglas | 9. BRUSH Douglas | 3. BRUSH Laura Mercier | 11. BRUSH Donegal
12. BRUSH Clinique | 13. BRUSH Zoeva | 14. BRUSH Zoeva | 15. BRUSH Giorgio Armani | 16. BRUSH Zoeva


14, 15. Brow brush

This brush is small, flat and angled. It allows you to paint fine and short lines which can easily imitate natural brows. Remember to always do it in the same direction that your hair grows. You can apply some hairspray on the brush, which’ll help you keep the perfect shape of your brows for longer.

16, 17, 18. Eyeliner brush

If you got a liner in a jar, you’ll need additional tools 😀 The shape of the handle depends totally on you. The important thing is that it’s thin and quite firm. Its main task is to allow you to apply the cosmetic evenly, so before you get one, make sure you have thought your decision through.

Watch my vlog in which I show the perfectly winged eyeliner! 

19, 20, 21. Lid brush

Start painting your upper lid with the big brush (number 21). Use it to apply the base shadow – a beige one, for example. Use the smaller brushes to “contour” your eye, depending on what you like. You can do your make-up on the upper lid using a small brush with a round head or an angled one, which’ll allow you to be more precise around the corners of your eyes. A small flat brush will be perfect for the bottom of your eye. Use the big brush to blend everything.

22. Lip brush

It should be small, thin, with long hair, which’ll allow you to mark the contour of your lips. If you carry it with you and reapply your make-up during the day, it should be covered with some film, which’ll protect your purse from getting dirty.

17. BRUSH Bobby Brown | 18. BRUSH Shiseido | 19. BRUSH Douglas | 20. BRUSH Douglas
21. BRUSH MAC | 22. BRUSH Sensai