1. Do you remember your first love? What was HE like?
A – Of course I do! We were in the same class, he was a great student, but also knew how to act for himself when necessary 😉
B – I remember! He sang in my favorite boysband. It was kind of platonic, though 😉
C – Yeah, he lived next to me, I was friends with his sister. So cool!
D – We met on a summer camp. I remember when he kissed me. It was so romantic that I almost didn’t notice that it happened in the bushes behind a dumpster 😀
E – Yeah… Everyone loved him. My friend, a friend’s friend, and a friend of the friend….
F – Naturally! He was just so smart, and knew literally everything.


2. The perfect first date…
A – A classic one. A cafe, something sweet, and a nice talk – only then I can see if he’s an option.
B – Flowers, movies, a home ride, a kiss in the car. Like in a movie!
C – A walk in the park, even if it’s February. It’ll be so romantic, when he uses his scarf to cover me 😉
D – Well, he definitely needs to come up with something original. I’m totally not a “movie and a walk” kind of girl. How about go-carts, or skydiving?
E – Clubbing, or visiting my friends. I want everyone to see who I’m out with 😀
F – Some tasty veg food, and then… let him surprise me 😉 I love surprises and creative men 😉


3. What do you usually wear to a party at your friend’s?

A – I’m always elegant. A nice lisptick, an ironed shirt, and shiny earrings.
B – A dress, stilettos, and curly hair. I like that romantic look.
C – I rarely go to parties. I prefer to stay at home and watch a nice movie.
D – Sexy tight jeans and a short top. Sexy casual 😉
E – A mini dress, red lipstick. An evening meeting is always a nice excuse to look better than during the day 😉
F – Going to a party is usually a spontaneous decision. I simply take off my sneakers, put stilettos on, and leave 😉


4. What makes you notice someone in the street?
A – I’ve always been attracted to guys who read. A book, a newspaper, whatever! It’s so sexy, and, unfortunately, so rare.
B – Blue eyes, and „this something” in their eyes.
C – So childish…
D – If a guy sends me a smile and a nice look, I usually give it back. If he’s handsome, naturally.
E – I pay attention to a guy’s look, you know, it IS important. A well-dressed men who’s just left the hairdresser’s will definitely catch my eye.
F – I love good perfume. When I smell a nice scent, I always look for the source 😉


5. What would you like to do with your boyfriend apart from a regular walk or going to the movies?
A – I’d go to meet our favorite book author.
B – A romantic walk by the seaside 😉
C – I’d cook a nice dinner, which we could have by the fireplace.
D – How about bungee jumping in Africa, or an offroad ride in Scandinavia?
E – I’d love to visit a real colorful (and kitsch) fun fair and go on a carousel ride together 😉
F – I’d get plane tickets. For the first morning plane, wherever it goes 😉


6. Your prince charming should be:
A – intelligent, resourceful, eloquent.
B – caring, emotional, faithful.
C – calm, loyal, goal-oriented.
D – a bit crazy, brave, spontaneous.
E – with a sense of humor, charismatic, feisty.
F – creative, open, curious.

Most answers: 

Most As  – Intellect. Edgar Ramirez.

He speaks a few languages (English, French, Spanish, Italian, German), is a true cosmopolitan, travels a lot, and is constantly on the move. His dream was to become a diplomat, then he worked as a journalist, and recently became a Hollywood star. The boyfriend of your dreams. You’re not crazy only about the looks; you mainly need to have a lot to talk about with your partner. He has to inspire you to learn something new everyday. You love it when he reads his newspaper in bed and then invites you to a museum. Check my article about the most interesting cultural events of 2018. If you still haven’t found your intellectual soulmate, that’s where you might meet him 😉

 Most Bs – Romantic. Zac Efron.

His career is the perfect example of an “American Dream”. He was born in a poor family, his mother was a secretary, his dad an electric engineer. His parents discovered his talent for music and started sending him to various hearings, which let him win a part in High School Musical, which turned out to have made him incredibly popular. When everyone wanted him to sing, Zac would refuse, as he… dreamt of a career as a musician. Well… your type, isn’t it? A man with dreams, goals, a few inches above the ground? He’s so romantic, and will surely take you to dinner in a nice restaurant, open the doors for you and make sure that you get everything you need. When you meet him, watch my vlog about 10 signs that you’re made for eachother. Just to be sure 😉 

Most Cs – Family man. Tom Hiddleston.

Tom Hiddleston is doubtlessly charming. Well – to that extent that he could easily share some of his charm with some other people. People love him. He has a whole army of people who call themselves “Hiddlestoners”. It’s a word play that involves Avengers, in which he played a dark character. In his private life he’s known to be very delicate, loves dancing, and once said he was looking for a woman who’d remind him of his… mother 😉 If you love cooking, caring for others and dream to have three kids – look for your own Tom 😉 You can start from decorating a cozy nest (check out my inspirations here), to which you’ll invite him on a date and make him never want to leave. Such a man is a real treasure!

Most Ds – Risk-taker. Orlando Bloom.

Did you know that Orlando Bloom had had almost all his bones broken when he was a boy and nothing shows that he’s not that brave anymore? He still is one of the guys who do not care about safety at all. When he starred in The Lord of The Rings, he fell from a horse and broke his rib, and during the filming of Kingdom of Heaven, he got hurt while filming war scenes. Sounds familiar? You also have a weakness for guys who have a tendency of falling into trouble? Well, they just awake your protective instincts 😉 But leaving the jokes aside, if you never try, you never know. Together you’ll conquer the world, you just need to be the more reasonable one 😉 Be prepared for spontaneous trips, parties, and visits. Just have my How to Look Gorgeous in 5 Minutes article printed out, and… the world is your oyster! 😉

Most Es – Player. Jake Gyllenhaal.

Jake Gyllenhaal, even though he doesn’t talk much about his private life, is famous for his amazingly blue eyes, snow-white smile, and… numerous affairs. How could you resist him, if even Taylor Swift couldn’t? 😀 Their relationship was very turbulent and she’s even said to have written a song about him after they’ve broken up – We Are Never Ever Getting back Together. It’s not hard to figure out that the lyrics are not too flattering… Just like her, you tend to like handsome men, who draw other women’s attention. Well, you like beautiful items, clothing, and… attractive men 😉 There’s nothing wrong about it, is there? 😀 If you apply some tricks: a mini skirt, red lipstick, and eyeliner, you’ll totally seduce the guy!

Najwięcej odpowiedzi F – All-rounder. Jared Leto.

Jared Leto is a man full of talents. He’s an actor, singer, guitarist, model, vegan, director, he loves mountain climbing… The list is long. He can gain 15 pounds or lose 5 for a part, and always does his best at everything. You can never get bored when you’re around him, as he makes every day a new adventure. And you like it 😉 A weekend getaway? No problem! A spontaneous trip to Kenya? Why not? Korean lessons in Seul? YES! If that’s how you want to spend your life – look for your own Jared. You can find him EVERYWHERE. This man is curious of everything, so I wouldn’t be surprised if you found him parachuting above your house, surfing in the Philippines, collecting mushrooms in the woods, or reading stories to kids in a kindergarten 😉 Just keep your eyes wide open!