A temporary money issue? Well, we all know that. You sometimes have more important expenses than a new dress or red stilettos. How to cope with this circumstance? What to do to still look amazing? Read on and check my tricks for the broke ones 😉


A juicy color always looks more chic than grey, brown, or black. Just imagine a woman in a grey coat, brown scarf and black pants next to a woman wearing a red coat, a floral scarf and cornflower pants. Which one looks better? The second one, obviously! That’s why if you’re buying a coat or a jacket and know that you’ll use it often, it’s better to go for a colorful one. You’ve already bought a black one? Don’t worry, just wear it with colorful accessories. Check out my article in which I advise how to combine different shades, and… don’t be scared to experiment!

1. DRESS True Violet | 2. JACKET Mango | 3. STILETTOS Jenny Fairy | 4. NECKLACE Lova&Rosie
5. CLUTCH Parfois


Buy creatively made things. Even the cheapest clothes gain a lot visually, if they’re decorated with elegant trimmings, seams, patches, or buttons. You can change the latter ones yourself. A regular jacket will get a military vibe if you decorate it with military buttons, and a regular shirt will be more glamour with golden ones. My favorite “trick” is to change the laces in my sneakers for elegant satin ribbons got in an accessories store (like THESE here). Remember to take proper care of your clothes and shoes, though. Use a clothesbrush to clean your coat from time to time, and never wash it at home. Clean your shoes with a wet cloth after every use and polish them before you put them on.


1. JACKET Kiomi | 2. JACKET Even&Odd


Well, it might sound like not such an original tip, but… it works! 😉 Well, reductions let you buy clothes you wouldn’t normally be able to buy. Follow the stores’ current offers (check gdziepromocja.pl, it’s a great source of info), get newspapers which come with coupons and join loyalty deals. You very often get PLN 30 or 50 off your first shopping, if you sign up to the newsletter. Answear.com works this way, for example.

My tip: get a separate e-mail account just for receiving newsletters. That way you’ll be able to check it anytime you feel like saving some money, and you’ll avoid “spam” in your main mailbox.

1. JACKET River Island | 2. PANTS The Ragged Priest | 3. BLOUSE New Look | 4. CLUTCH Wallis
5. EARRINGS Topshop | 6. STILETTOS Dorothy Perkins


A well-chosen red lipstick immediately makes your look more polished-up. It’s brings to mind the Golden Era of Hollywood, and, naturally, it’s very sexy. If you’re a delicate blonde, you’ll look good in cool shades (raspberry, watermelon), if you’re a brunette – go for floral, clean and intense shades, if you’re a redhead, go for fiery warm shades. You don’t need to spend a fortune on a new lipstick. Check Golden Rose and their Vervet Matte 35 and 24 – amazing colors, and great quality. If you apply it properly, it’ll stay on your lips for many hours. You’ll find out how to do it here.


What do you associate the biggest celebrities with? What’s the first item of their image that comes to your mind? I immediately see sunnies, which celebs use to hide from nosy paparazzi 😉 Sunnies spice the look up, making it a bit mysterious. You can go for hot colorful cat-shaped frames, or the classic. Remember to choose them according to the shape of your face. Round faces look good in rectangular frames, square faces in more round ones (read more about it HERE).

1. SUNNIES Mint&Berry | 2. SUNNIES Kiomi | 3. SUNNIES Jeepers Peepers | 4. SUNNIES Even&Odd
5. SUNNIES Even&Odd


When Bridget Jones went for a cabrio ride with her wealthy boyfriend, Daniel Cleaver, she wore a silk headerchief on her head to resemble Grace Kelly and elegant ladies of the 50’s. Although she lost it pretty quickly, the idea itself was great 😉 Follow this path! Always wear a scarf or a neckerchief, even if you’re only going grocery shopping. Accompanied with a bit of red lipstick, it’ll make you look elegant in a blink of an eye (French chic) 😉 The same applies to jewelry. It’s the icing on the cake, gives you the opportunity to express your style and mood. If your face is round and your neck is short, wear hanging earrings. If you like your hands and wrists, never forget a watch and rings. Accentuate your waist with a belt. And read my article in which I give you some tips on reasonably priced winter accessories 😉


A home SPA must be the best way to save some money. Instead of going to the beautician, use body scrub (check out the homemade coffee one, my favorite) and apply some eye patches on your eyes (use tea). Apply a cleansing or moisturizing mask on your face. If your skin is dry, go for an avocado one (you’ll find the recipe HERE), if it’s oily, go for aspirin (mix 4 tablets with water, add a spoon of natural yoghurt, keep it on your face for 15 minutes, and wash off thoroughly). Use facial oils everyday (I described how to use them HERE) and make sure to moisturize your face (read more on drugstore cosmetics HERE). Brush your body (always in the direction of your heart, with a natural hair brush). Remember to massage your face, which’ll will make your muscles exercise and your skin will stay elastic for many years (watch a Tanaka massage tutorial).

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